Kanile'a Koa Gloss Super Tenor (K-1 ST, #16933)

Kanile'a Koa Gloss Super Tenor (K-1 ST, #16933)

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The instrument pictured is the one available here!

The Super Tenor is not something we are used to seeing. We know the super soprano and super concert are longer scale, but the Super Tenor is Super because of its body size, not its scale. It is still a normal 17" tenor scale and has the tenor sound, but with more resonance and sustain. This does not make a huge difference in tone, but it does add some sustain and overtones for extra beautiful tone. If you are recording or just looking for that epic Hawaiian tone, you'll love this beauty. The koa is not upgraded but as you can see, it's among the most beautiful you will see and the gloss finish really shows it off well.

Take a listen as Corey gives us a raw sound sample of the same model Hawaiian super tenor.

Includes hardshell case and Herco Humidifier!

Additional Information

Kanilea K1-ST Gloss
Super Tenor!

    • Koa body
    • Rosewood fretboard and bridge
    • Kailua Beach Sand logo and position dots
    • South American mahogany neck
    • Rounded back
    • Bridge pins
    • Chrome geared Grover tuners
    • UV-cured high gloss polyester finish
    • Aquila Corde strings
Hardshell plush case included!
Herco HE-360 Humidifier - Free

This ukulele includes a baritone canvas covered hardcase.

Extra Options

One of the options for this ukulele is to trade out the Herco included humidifier for the more expensive Oasis Ukulele Humidifier (OH-18). This is suggested if you live in a low humidity area (parts of California, Nevada, Arizona, etc.) or also areas with winter seasons, especially if you heat the air most of the day and night. For more info see our Ukulele Care page

Another option is to switch from high G tuning (like in the video) to low G tuning. Not sure which tuning you'd want? Check out this blog article High or Low G?.

Put a note in the Special Instructions if you would like to let our setup or shipping department know anything. 

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A pickup with installation can be added from THIS LINK.

Strap buttons can be installed by going HERE.



Brand Kanile'a
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Absolutely Amazing!!!!
This Kanile'a super tenor is absolutely gorgeous and sounds fantastic. The tonal quality is absolutely amazing. I love this ukulele. The gloss is outstanding, and is unlike any finish that I have seen on an instrument. It is super comfortable to hold and play. Flawless! I wanted to also mention that the overall experience from Hawaii Music Supply was superb. The set up was flawless and Joel was super helpful. Zachary was also very helpful and friendly. The packing job he did was perfect and you can tell that he took extra care to ensure that my ukulele was packed well and made it to Virginia safe, and it did. He also called me to let me know that my ukulele was on it's way. The customer service was unmatched. I definitely recommend HMS and would definitely buy from again!
Review by Joe N. / (Posted on 6/1/2017)
Fantastic, comfortable, quality large tenor
I have always been a fan of Kanile'a-- my first quality uke was a K1-S gloss. Over the years my taste switched to larger ukes, but I have small hands and am used to the soprano scale. Also, tenors always seemed a bit awkward to hold in comparison to a little soprano. It took me several tries to find a larger instrument that fit me well. I was surprised to find that this big booming tenor is one of the most comfortable ukes I've ever played. The neck is relatively shallow, and the large lower bout is perfect for resting on your leg while seated. I can even play this instrument while standing, without a strap, in absolute comfort.

The sound is exactly what I've been looking for: lots of volume, mellow but full-voiced. I had my uke strung with clear plain low-G Worths, and they're serving their purpose well. As a fair warning, it did take about a week for the new strings to really settle in.

The setup by Joel is impeccably done. I have owned about 30 ukes over the years, and the setup that HMS offers is absolutely what sets this uke apart from any other I've had. The frets are seamless and smooth, with no sharp edges. The build and gloss finish by Kanile'a are flawless. The appointments are very minimal and tastefully done. After many many tries, this uke is the one for me.
Review by Natal / (Posted on 12/8/2014)

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