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  1. Kanile'a Aldrine Guererro Signature Tenor  (#22706)

    Regular Price: $3,600.00

    Special Price: $3,250.00

    Pictures And Video Show THE Instrument Now Available Here (if it says, "In Stock")

    Aldrine's playing captivates and inspires. And so does his signature tenor from Kanile'a ukulele. Awesome Hawaiian koa, ebony appointments with Kailua beach sand signature inlays, a fat birds-eye maple rosette, slotted headstock, and a beautiful gloss body and faceplate with a velvet smooth satin neck. Corey gives us a raw sound sample of the same model.

    Mika plays this instrument throughout our last podcast. Take a listen.

    As you can see, this one has gorgeous Hawaiian koa and the tone is fantastic as well, so if you're looking for a great tenor then this is a wonderful choice! 

    We include final setup, the Kanilea gig case, and humidifier.

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  2. Kanile'a Mango Tenor (Custom-T, S#22388)

    This is a new custom concert from Kanile'a. It features a gorgeous curly Hawaiian mango body bound in curly Hawaiian koa. 

    Mango has a wonderful warm tone that pairs perfectly with the Kanile'a design. And it's extremely rare to have mango this curly. So beautiful!

    If it says "in stock", then the ukulele pictured AND in the video is now available here.

    This custom has the elegant slim slotted headstock and 18:1 geared Gotoh Stealth tuners. This adds to a lightweight beautiful design with accurate tuning and an exquisite look. 

    100% Hawaiian-made by the Kanile'a master builders here on the island of Oahu using the finest wood. This particular ukulele is truly beautiful in every way! Plus, it sounds fantastic!

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  3. Tyde Koa Slimline Cutaway Tenor Guilele

    This is the first of a new custom tenor scale guilele from Tyde Music. It's made with Hawaiian Koa and cherry wood and features a light-weight slim body. The one piece neck and sides makes for an ultra-smooth cutaway. It also makes for extremely stiff sides that help create this beautiful sound. Even with this slim body that's easy to reach around, it still has a very full, rich sound you're gonna love. 

    This is a 17 7/8" scale and is super easy to hold and play, as well as travel with. The one-piece neck and side integration makes this instrument strong and loud. The side sound port adds to the projection to the player.  The soft full body bevel adds even more comfort and longer strumming sessions.  

    Great feel and comfort, the beauty of nature and craftsmanship, and that sustain and tone that keeps you coming back for more. 

    Pics and video show the one and only available now to you (if it says "In Stock"). 

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  4. Hapa Tenor Spruce/ Ziricote (Custom 1901)

    Pics and videos show the one and only available now to you (if it says "In Stock").

    Micah Bruce is the master luthier behind this beautiful custom tenor ukulele. While it's one of the first from this exciting new line, Micah has been a professional luthier for the last decade. He built for Collings Guitars for many years, has his own custom guitar line, and is one the main Martin warranty repairmen for Nebraska. This one resembles a classic guitar style with a fantastic light burst spruce top and the handmade tortoise pickguard. This matches the gorgeous colors and curls of this Hawaiian koa. Building in Nebraska, Bruce teamed up with Rob Li and ʻĀina Racoma from Hawaii, who had a desire to build Hawaiian style tenors at the highest level, to make the Hapa Ukulele, the mix of Haole and Hawaiian. It makes a beautiful creation with this ukulele.

    Brittni gives us the first sound sample on this special instrument. 

    Along with the 12" fingerboard radius and a comfortable tapered "C" shape neck, these are built for ease of play. Waverly tuners with koa buttons make it easy to tune and add to the beauty. Corey gives us another listen and look.

    The appointments are classic, elegant, and executed beautifully. The volute on the beautifully hand-carved neck, the fully bound body, neck, and faceplate, the abalone logo inlay, and this subtle sunset of a sunburst spruce top complimented by the Hilo curly koa and all prtected with a cyrstal clear gloss nitro finish, all of this makes for a super nice custom tenor! Most importantly, it has top tier tone! Kalei gives us one more sample.

    Includes hardshell case.

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  5. Pigeon Tree German Spruce African Blackwood Tenor "Spring"

    This beautiful tenor was made by a luthier in San Antonio, Chade Nelson. It's a one of a kind never to be reproduced and one of the 4 to be made from his "seasons" theme. This one is "Spring" and it features custom inlays and appointments to the look of this season. Beyond the cool looks is an incredible tone we think you'll love!

    The body has a German spruce top and the back and sides are a double back and side made with African Blackwood. It's framed off in flamed sycamore binding and protected with a gloss finish. The tone is fat and clear with superb volume. 

    The sound and playability of this unique custom tenor are certainly among the best you will find. Corey and Mika give us a sound sample. Pictures AND video show the exact ukulele available here. 

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  6. Pepe Romero 2020 Custom "Tiny Tenor" Spruce Koa Supermodel

    This is a brand new model built by Pepe Romero himself. The concept originated from Daniel Ho and it's better than I had ever imagined. Never before has a concert sized instrument given such a deep rich tone. The sound is as sweet as I've ever heard and the sustain is amazing. More info and video's can be found at our blog HERE

    take a listen~

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  7. Pepe Romero 2020 Custom "Tiny Tenor" Spalted Mango Supermodel

    Portability of a Concert - Feel & Tone of a Pepe RomeroTenor!

    This is a brand new "tiny tenor" that Pepe calls the TT supermodel. It's built by Pepe Romero himself in the tiny tenor concept originated from Daniel Ho and this one is extra special. The supermodel comes with the side port and arm bevel for extra comfort and volume. The sound is sweet and the projection is amazing. 

    This is the first one we've gotten in mango and it's an eye-popping rare spalted mango. The sound is fat and sweet and the look is like no other!

    Pics and video show the exact ukulele now available here!

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