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Pono Mahogany Concert Deluxe (MCD Oahu Hard Case)

Product Review (submitted on December 24, 2012):
I love my Pono MCD. Everything from its beautiful gloss finish to even its deliciously woody smell is just plain awesome for its price range. The greatest thing about it, obviously, is the way it sounds. Its sound simply can't be beat; bright, clear with rich, full tones, it sounds effortlessly wonderful even in my beginner hands.

But the thing I appreciate is HMS's set-up service. I had previously purchased a Pono AC from another retailer, and although it feels and sounds great, it just doesn't elicit that same degree of ease and satisfaction in playing my MCD does, and I attribute this added awesomeness to HMS's set-up. It really makes a lot of difference, so THANK YOU VERY MUCH for including it in and keeping it free.