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Pono Mahogany Tenor Deluxe (MTDX 7538)

Product Review (submitted on December 24, 2012):
This was my first serious ukulele purchase. I love it (loved it since I sold it). Wish I had it back! I learned on this ukulele and moved on to Kanilea and then to Koaloha. The sustain is decent, the intonation up and down the neck is okay. The best feature is actually its worst. The thick neck. You have to work hard at getting to fret the notes especially the augmented and alternate ones up and down the neck. However, when I finally got the traditional K ukuleles I found I was able to play it because of my pono. These are great beginner ukes not necessarily for price since it is up there (but worth every penny) but good to get your fingers ready. Does not keep a note as long my Kanilea tat nor does it project like my Koaloha, but it will take a beating on the beach and turning heads. Ponos are a quality uke and needs more attention.