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Pono MB - Mahogany Baritone

Product Review (submitted on December 30, 2012):
I've owned several other baritone ukes over the years, including Lanikai and Kala which are nice sounding baritones in their own right, but this Pono MB Baritone is definitely a step up. The intonation is excellent! And this uke really resonates with a nice warm, clear tone. One area where you notice a difference between this baritone and some of the less expensive ones is when you start playing up the neck. Its easier to play bar chords up the neck on the Pono and have the notes remain clear and punchy with the intonation staying spot on.

I had HMS install the Pono passive barione pickup. The sound is the most natural sounding ukulele pickup I've ever heard. This passive pickup blows away the cheap active pickups installed on my lower end ukes. I use it with a Roland AC-33 acoustic guitar amplifier and I get plenty of volume and tone with it. I'm very happy with this purchase and with the HMS setup.