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Gotoh UPT Tuner w/ Optional Install

Product Review (submitted on October 8, 2016):
I'm a recent victim of ukulele acquisition syndrome. And as my collection has grown, I've discovered why these things make a difference. It comes down to those "almost there" minute adjustments. Y'know - when the tuner says you're just a tiny bit sharp or flat.

I've got four instruments and four different sets of tuners:
1) A uke with the usual geared tuners with buttons that stick out the sides
2) A uke with Gotohs
3) A uke with stock friction tuners
4) A uke with upgraded, geared Pegheads

The stick out the sides tuners and upgraded Pegheads have a little bit of play to them. The teeth in the gears must have little spaces, so it's possible to turn the button without the spindle and string moving. So when I try to get that final tuning, I have to overshoot by a lot, and then try to work my way back.

The stock friction tuners move immediately when you turn the button. And that's great, but I often overshoot when I'm just a little off. It's a by-product of the "friction" part of the name. When I overcome the friction, I've overtwisted and then I need to go back the other way.

The Gotohs are the best of both worlds. Like the friction tuners, they move immediately. And since they're geared, any over-rotation with your fingers doesn't move the spindle as much.