Martin 1920's soprano Style 3 - Rare vintage ukulele!

Martin 1920's soprano Style 3 - Rare vintage ukulele!

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Martin 1920's soprano Style 3 Mahogany Soprano - Rare vintage ukulele!

This is nearly a century old Martin Soprano ukulele style 3, and posesses the vintage Martin tone that makes them so legendary. Styles 3 was primarily for professional musicians and made by Martin's best builders. It's framed off with more bindings and purflings than the 0, 1, or 2 models.along with an ebony fingerboard continuing to the soundhole and receding to a point. Beyond the adornment is a wonderful instrument. But don't buy this to bang around with. Well I guess you can if you want, but it's truly a vintage collectable that appreciattes with time if kept in good condition.

The style 3 is not easy to find. This one is the first to join our stock in eight years. Plenty of style O and even a few style 2, but you very rarely will see the style 3, even if you are trying. They must all be guarded by collectors. From my research, all we can say for sure is that it was made between 1923 and 1931. It is in great condition, especially considering it's age. It has a few repaired cracks and strum scratches but still has all the original woods and bar frets typical of models from the 20's.

This American soprano is a trooper! It still has the original tuning keys and they still work! In the video we had just put on the strings and they stretched out during the filming a bit but the tuning keys are actually very stable.  It was also in need of setup care that we just gave it for cleaner sustain. But as Corey plays you can hear that the tone is full and rich, like it has 100 year old mahogany, oh wait , it does! However, as good as it sounds, this may not be your best choice for a performance ukulele. This is classified as a vintage collectable. It was among the monumental first wave of professional ukuleles. This is the Martin Style 3 soprano. The first, and most likely to be the last to to grace our store.

Even when we sell a used instrument we want to make sure that you are happy. Our return policies are the same and we will even extend to you our own 1 year warranty covering any factory defect issues that could arise even under proper care. To learn more about caring for your ukulele visit our Ukulele Care page

Additional Information

    Style 3 specifications:

    • First produced in 1918. This one is most likely mid to late 20's. Made until 1933
    • Mahogany body.
    • 7 layer top binding, alternating stripes of white celluloid and ebonized maple.
    • 3 layer back binding of same material.
    • 5 layer soundhole ring of same material.
    • Celluloid ornament on top, behind bridge (known as the "parend" or "shield").
    • 17 fret ebony fingerboard to soundhole.
    • Diamond-shaped paired inlays at fret 5, 7, 9 (small dots inlays late 40s).
    • 3 lines inlaid down center of fretboard on early models.

The pictures show the original case that we will include but we will ship this in a deluxe Oahu case wooden hardshell case and Oasis humidifier.

Contact us with questions. Aloha!

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Nothing better...
What better than a vintage Martin?
Style 3 looks great, are cheaper than the graal Style 5 and just sound amazing. ร€ big preference for Style 3K because Koa sound so great.
Don't think, just Buy IT !!!
Review by Euh / (Posted on 12/26/2012)
awesome style 3
If you've played one of the newer martins, don't even use that as a point of comparison. These martins that are from the 20's if properly preserved are in a special class of their own. They embody a different era. Different in quality, in sound and make for something special. These style 3's are virtually impossible to find now, so don't let it slip
Review by st / (Posted on 12/23/2012)

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