Ko'olau CS Kula Tenor Custom

Ko'olau CS Kula Tenor Custom

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Pictures and video show the unique and extremely beautiful custom kula tenor now available to you (if it says "In Stock"). It's very rare for us to have any available Ko'olau because most of what comes in has been custom ordered through our "Design and Custom Order" listings found HERE. The wait is typically about 10-12 months for one of these finely crafted instruments. Noa made this one for our store and it's one of the best ukes we've ever heard and seen.

Kula means golden, and this wood has the most beautiful golden laced grain.Locally the tree is also called the Gold Tree, not because of the golden wood, but because, at certain times of the year the tree is full of beautiful yellow flowers. Elsewhere in the world, this species of tree is called Prima Vera. Tone and volume are excellent, with a perfect balance of bass and treble. It's actually closer in density to spruce than mahogany or koa so you get a light weight and very responsive instrument capable of deep range along with great note clarity. 

This is from a tree cut many years back here on the island. Noa chose to use it for this unique theme with red accents to the golden ribbon-like chatoyant grain of the wood. It features a ginger flower inlay they did in house and they used the bloody basin jasper recon stone for that as well as the logo. The leaves are the recon stone jasper. This one got curly koa for the rosette, bindings, and faceplate. The construction is as clean as you will find inside and out. 

Take a listen to this raw sound sample played by Corey. Listen through quality speakers or headphones for the most accurate sound. This is strung with the nylon Ko'olau Alohi low G tenor string set but can be set up high G or with any set of strings you would like. Like all CS models it has a 12" radius fretboard which, along with nice low action makes it a breeze to play.

This custom-made tenor was built by Noa Bonk and finished by Ryan Condon. It is from their CS (Contemporary Series) line, which means it has the more rounded body shape and radius fretboard. It is built using only hide glue and the finest quality wood. It's very light in weight, but has fat, warm tone and is one of the finest ukes to ever come to us. We are proud to offer this incredible from one of Hawaii's top custom builders.

Comes with a wooden hard case and Oasis humidifier.

Additional Information
  • Hawaiian primavera body
  • Hawaiian koa body, binding, and rosette
  • Gloss nitrocellulose finish
  • Ebony fretboard and bridge
  • Satin nitrocellulose mahogany neck
  • Gloss Koa faceplate
  • All hide glue construction
  • Gotoh tuners w/ ebony buttons
  • Custom Inlay from Ko'olau
  • CS hardshell plush case
  • Oasis humidifier
  • Lifetime warranty

Every Ko'olau comes with a deluxe wooden case.

Extra Options

* Put a note in the Special Instructions if you would like to let our setup or shipping department know anything.

* Under the Accessories tab you can also customize this instrument by adding strap button(s) or your choice of pickup for plugging in. We recommend either the Mi-Si or the LR Baggs pickup for this ukulele.

* After adding this instrument to your cart, you can shop further to create your own package by adding other accessories from the website.


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