Oahu Ukulele Capo

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  • Oahu Ukulele Capo

    Regular Price: $14.99

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    This is the new Oahu brand ukulele capo and it has an excellent quality and value. It is in a smooth satin chrome, feels and looks great, and works perfectly for any size ukulele. It's quick to change with a spring loaded design and uses high quality die-cast steel and silicone padding.

    A capo is used to change keys. Putting the capo behind the second fret will make all your chords one step higher, so the C will be a D and so forth. If you want to experiment in different keys without struggle, or expand your abilities with open strings, try an ukulele capo.

    Another use would be to make a baritone the same G-C-E-A as other ukes, just put the capo behind the fifth fret. This way you can have both options.

    We believe in all forms of learning and experimentation on the ukulele. This is just another optional tool for you to play with.

    Additional Information
    • Quick change ukulele capo
    • Spring-loaded design
    • Die-cast steel construction
    • Silicone padding provides uniform pressure and protects the neck and fingerboard
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