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Meet the folks at The Ukulele Site

We have always been a brick and mortar here on Oahu! A few years back we moved to the North Shore. Come check it out! Hundreds of unique models to play!  -

Take the first exit for Haleiwa coming up the H2 North. We are a 1/4 mile up the road on the right side right after Tesoro Gas Station. Big sign on the building says The Ukulele Site.

However most of us work at a workshop in Wahiawa setting up, shipping, filming and more. That address is 401 North Cane St. Wahiawa 96786.



Andrew - Hi folks, and thanks for checking out our site! I was able to start Hawaii Music Supply with my wife after working with my family for over 10 years, finishing and setting up custom Ko’olau Ukuleles. My goal for The Ukulele Site was to educate, entertain, and show you the best ukes in the world.

All of us at The Ukulele Site are friendly, knowledgeable, and dedicated to giving you the best help and advice. We want you to get an ukulele you will love forever! What you find here is the best and the best value on the market. I know we’re offering the best deal because our setup work is what consumes the majority of our time. This is not your typical online store. We offer more than product. We offer a service and are able to help you with our experience and skills. 

I also work on free resources found at my lesson/ review blog - The Ukulele Review and also on Facebook and Youtube.

Email me direct at:  or my work # is (808) 781-9168, call anytime, I am always happy to help.



Joel - is a crucial member of our team. He manages the setup department with an honest and diligent work ethic like no one I've ever known. His skill and focus have enhanced the enjoyment of this instrument with many thousands of people.

Joel has been setting up ukes full time for over 7 years now and estimates at least 30,000 setups in this time. His natural talent for this work is a big part of what makes us the best value. 

Joel originally trained under Michael Aratani (Music Guy Mic). Now Joel's workshop is next door to Ko'olau where he is able to seek advice when necceasry from Noa and Ryan, some of the best luthiers you can find. The result is that Joel has become a specialist with not only extensive experience, but also with accurate guidance and proper luthier techniques. Joel can be reached but understand that he is very busy with setups and we ask you direct all questions but those involving the setup to another one of us. But if you need him he is available at (808) 783-3588 or


Aaron -  owns Hawaii Music School but also manages the store for most of the week. He's a wealth of knowledge and a real straight shooter. However, Aaron is much more than a salesman. He's allowed us to provide the ukulele community free instruction. Check out these links for free ukulele lessons from Aaron - Aaron's Tutorials - Beginner Lessons - Styles & Techniques - Baritone Lessons

When on island catch a lesson at Aaron’s School, Hawaii Music School. Or…to get personal lessons from the convenience of your home anywhere in the world see Hawaii Music Schools Live Skype Lessons. You can also contact Aaron at The Ukulele Site where he helps people find the right ukulele every day of the week except thursday.

Also check out Aaron’s Instructional Video available here – “My Uke 101- Beginner’s DVD”


Zach - is another key to our success. He oversees shipping, customer service, assists with photography and so much more. Learn more about Zach's shipping method here. Zach is as genuine as they come and can most likely help with anything. Contact him at (808)783-3696 or

Zach is also an amzing musician and has a really creative duo with Eli call Sing the Body. Their last album won a Na Hoku Hanohano award! Check it out here- Sing the Body- Contrast


Corey - is a fantastic musician and humble young man that is always glad to help. Most of our sound samples here are done with Corey. In fact he's on over 1,000 videos showing off beautiful ukes. But he does way more than demos for us. He goes to local builders and factories every week to pick up new Hawaiian ukes and also works full time at the store. Corey also has a beautiful instrumental album we sell HERE 

Also get free instruction from Corey here- Coreys-Tutorials and download the sheet music to many of his songs here- Sheet-music-for-instrumental-ukulele


Chris - has worked along side Joel in setup for over 6 years now! Chris is a meticulous technician and takes great pride in the art of ukulele setup. I believe he once said, "I'm only as good as my last setup". He's notorious for rejecting ukes on a mission to give you the best. And we are very proud of Chris for always coming to work now, even when the waves are good!

Eli - floats between setups and helping out at the store. He's been a part of our team for many years and is a great help for advice and information. He does great setup work and is always friendly and helpful. Eli is also one of the most versitlie and talented musicians I've ever known.


Crystal is another great person on our team. She's fulltime with the shipping department and also assists with ordering and stock management. She's very smart, computer savvy, and able work with all us guys with no complaints. What more can you ask?!

contact is



Mike - is first and foremost an incredible musician! His playing and musical mastery is always inspiring. Mike is only at the store on fridays and when he is not on tour but he has been with us from the beginning and is always humble and helpful even being such an incredible talent.

Check out Mike's website HERE


Asa - Zach tried many boxers before finding this bright you man that was capable of emulating his method for properly packing an ukulele. Asa is our newest member but we know already that he is a great asset.


Many studies have been done within the past 10 years that show playing music benefits children in many ways. It aids academic aptitude in mathematics, science, and the arts, increases scholastic participation, and cultivates concentration and focused listening. Studies have also shown playing music actually improves the health and happiness of adults and seniors, much like exercise does. We help promote the joy of playing this wonderful musical instrument and feel proud of our role in making the world a better place.