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Meet the folks at The Ukulele Site

We have always been a brick and mortar here on Oahu! A few years back we moved to the North Shore. Come check it out! Hundreds of unique models to play!  - Take the first exit for Haleiwa coming up the H2 North. We are a 1/4 mile up the road on the right side right after Tesoro Gas Station. Big sign on the building says The Ukulele Site. However most of us work at a workshop in Wahiawa setting up, shipping, filming and more. That address is 401 North Cane St. Wahiawa 96786


Andrew - Hi folks, and thanks for checking out our site! I was able to start Hawaii Music Supply with my wife after working with my family for over 10 years, finishing and setting up custom Ko’olau Ukuleles. My goal for The Ukulele Site was to educate, entertain, and show you the best ukes in every price range.

All of us at The Ukulele Site are friendly, knowledgeable, and dedicated to giving you the best help and advice. We want you to get an ukulele you will love forever! What you find here is the best and the best value on the market. I know we’re offering the best deal because our setup work is what consumes the majority of our time. This is not your typical online store. We offer more than product. We offer a service and are most most qualified to help the ukulele community. That is our goal so let me know how we can better serve you. Email me direct at:  or my direct line is (808) 781-9168



Jennifer - My wife! She helps run the day to day aspects of our business. All the while, running our household.  (Our Children, Zephyr, above with me, and Amelie, pictured here with my wife) Without her, well…I’d go crazy! Jennifer
Mike - aka MGM aka Music Guy Mic aka Michael Aratani was the store manager till he passed away last year. He is still a big part of who we are and how we operate. Mike was a fun guy that worked hard to help others. That what we're all about. Music Guy Mic
Aaron - Ukulele expert and educator! His YouTube lessons have over 6 million views! The cool thing about Aaron is that he’s really smart but also very humble. He enjoys helping people in the store and has over 30 guitar and ukulele students scheduled throughout the week as well. Take advantage of our free lessons, this guy can help! Aaron
Joel -is the setup manager and top tech here at HMS. He's set up tens of thousands of ukes and is the most skilled set up tech we have ever encountered. Joel is a huge part of why we have such loyal customers. Joel
Chris - Chis has worked along side Joel for over 5 years setting up ukes! We are lucky to have him full time doing great work to make your uke play better!
Zach - Singer/songwriter for the duo “Sing the Body” and solo “Zachary Shimizu” projects.  Zachary is the shipping manager and oversees customer service. Learn more about shipping here Zach
Eli - The other half of Sing the Body.  Despite only being in his twenties, Eli has had a lot of experience playing music in many different bands. He seems to be able play whatever he picks up. He may be an hour late, but once he is here he is positive, and very helpful! Eli
Mike - Incredible guitarist and musician! His playing and musical mastery is always inspiring. His 10 piece reggae roots band Dubkonscious just came out with their first album! You can find it on iTunes or go to Also, The Mike Love Band is finishing up an album that is gonna be incredible. So keep a look out for that soon as well. At the store Mike repairs guitars and helps people with his extensive instrument and gear knowledge on keys, guitars, effects, recording, and, of course, ukulele.Check out our YouTube channel for more cool videos from the acoustic room. Mike
Corey - Corey helps with online lessons and more. Corey is a bit of an anomaly. He can build a computer, surf, and play the same song 100 times in a row.  All in the same day.  Here Corey plays a Ko’olau guitar.

Many studies have been done within the past 10 years that show playing music benefits children in many ways. It aids academic aptitude in mathematics, science, and the arts, increases scholastic participation, and cultivates concentration and focused listening. Studies have also shown playing music actually improves the health and happiness of adults and seniors, much like exercise does. We help promote music in our area and feel proud of our role in making the world a better place.