The Setup

Regardless of price range, every single ukulele we sell goes through a process to meet our stringent requirements.

In this video, Joel gives a step-by-step walk-thru of our setup methods.

While there are often other procedures involved, this is fairly typical of what many ukuleles require.

As you’ll learn, this is our specialty.

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The Selection

We find the best custom builders in the world and cherry pick the best values for you.

Featured builders from Hawaii & around the world

Kinnard Spruce & Claro Walnut Series 3

Fantastic new tenor from John Kinnard!

KoAloha Opio Concerts Back In Stock!

Super sweet sounds from this affordable new concert model.

New KoAloha Tenors In Stock!

The KoAloha KTM-00 is a classic here on the islands.

Kiwaya 95 year anniversary model

Full warm tones from this gorgeous koa soprano.

Pono Baritone Nui.

One of many models now back in stock.

Collings UT2K

Fantastic tenor from these famous American luthiers.

We Know Ukes!

We have many years of experience with the ukulele and our mission is to help you get the best value, advice, and long term support. We have pride in what we offer the community but feel even greater amounts of gratitude. To you we say, Mahalo!

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