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Buying a ukulele should be fun, and we can help you find "the One!". 1st- We only bring in the best ukuleles in each price range. 2nd - Our setup work goes to every uke that ships! This makes them feel, sound, and look better than the same model at any other store! Experience it and see for yourself. We have hundreds of videos and a lot to look at here at The Ukulele Site, but when you're on the island, come and see us. We have a few hundred ukuleles in one room and are right next to epic beaches and great food! Contact us with any questions. Mahalo and Aloha!

A few of our beautiful ~Hawaiian Made 'Ukulele~

The pictured KoAloha concert Pikake is now available!

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This Kanilea K3 Tenor is one of the most gorgeous ukes you will find and as you can hear, it sounds just as beautiful-!

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If you were looking for an exceptional concert ukulele.....!

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Look and listen to a killer uke from Kanile'a

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The KoAloha team make a completely unique and amazing ukulele. This is one of their finest-

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Pictures and Video show the one now available

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This is an excellent uke from one of our islands premier builders, Bula Yahiku. It sounds great, plays great, and is truly an original. Learn More
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    • Watch as Joel takes you through our setup process. Learn more about Ukulele Setup
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New Products

    • The HMS Listening Booth is one comparison feature found at our blog The Ukulele Review
    • We are regularly blessed with visits from the best uke players on the scene. So, naturally we love to capture these live acoustic sessions for your inspiration and enjoyment! Aloha and mahalo for your support and feedback.