Worth Strings - CT Clear Tenor Plain or Low G

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Worth Strings - CT Clear Tenor Plain or Low G

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Worth CT (Clear) Double Set for Tenor

Worth Premium 100% Fluorocarbon Ukulele Strings.

This one package makes 2 sets. This set of string is a favorite to many great players. It has an extremely clean and articulate voice that sings with sustain! These strings will really bring out the volume and brightness in your tenor. They allow for dynamic playing while still retaining clarity. Play soft… you still hear each individual string. Play hard..gets more volume but still with note separation. Plus, they stretch less than most strings. After a few days they will be holding their tune. Less time tuning and more time playing.

Worth ukulele strings are unlike most other nylon ukulele strings as they are made from an expensive fluorocarbon material that improves intonation, note clarity, sustain. Made in Japan these strings have become a favorite for many players and builders. Worth fluorocarbon ukulele strings come in two types: Clear denoted by the C in title, or Brown denoted by B in the title. Both have same diameters, but players say the Browns are a little less tension and warmer while the clears are tighter and crisper sounding.

Select from All Plain High G or All Plain Low G (Fluorocarbon 4th)


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