Ukulele Chord Shapes

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Ukulele Chord Shapes

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Whether you are a beginning player looking for your first guide to understanding the fretboard or a seasoned pro in need of a complete reference to complex harmonies, ‘Ukulele Chord Shapes is your one-stop resource.

  • 173 chord shapes that will cover 99% of your needs in any genre.
  • How to move each shape into all 12 keys (173×12=2076!).
  • The step-by-step theory behind how chords are built.
  • All about slash chords, inversions, fingerings, and more.
  • 55 pages in total available as a beautiful print book.

‘Ukulele Chord Shapes presents chords in a different light than other books: as moveable shapes. In this way you can reduce mental clutter and make learning chords 12 times more efficient.

Each shape in the book shows a highlighted root that easily allows you to move a single chord shape into all twelve keys.

But ‘Ukulele Chord Shapes is a lot more than just a reference book. It’s also an in-depth look at the theory and concepts that drive intelligent chordal playing. Learn how to build chords via easy, step-by-step instructions, how to finger them, and how to select the appropriate shapes for your music.

  • Straightforward content formatted for readability and ease-of-use.
  • Big, bold, and user-friendly chord boxes.
  • 34 chord types from the mundane to the exotic.
  • Descriptions, uses, chord symbols, and chord formulas for each chord type.
  • How To Use This Book details every step of using the book.
  • How Chords Work is an easy-to-understand chapter on the theory of chords.
  • 55 pages of chords, chords, and more chords!


Additional Information

Chord Types Included:

  • Major, Major 6th, Major 6/9, Major 7th, Major 7(b5), Major 7(#5), Major 9th
  • Minor, Minor 6th, Minor 6/9, Minor 7th, Minor 7(b5), Minor 7(#5), Minor (Major 7th), Minor 9th, Minor 11th
  • Dominant 7th, Dominant 7(b5), Dominant 7(#5), Dominant 7(b9), Dominant 7(#9), Dominant 9th, Dominant 11th, Dominant 13th Dominant 13(b9)
  • Altered
  • Suspended 2, Suspended 4, Suspended 7th
  • Add 9, Add 11
  • Diminished, Diminished 7th
  • Augmented
  • Slash Chords
Options Beginner to advanced level.
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