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  1. Kala Sinker Redwood Ebony Tenor (Exclusive Custom T 2877)

    Don't hesitate to add this world-class ukulele to your collection. It's one of the best ukes we've had come through.

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  2. Kanile'a Torrefied Spruce Myrtle Tenor (Custom-T Tru-R #20710)

    The instrument pictured AND in the video is the one available here!

    This is a very rare custom tenor from Kanile'a with gorgeous curly Honduran mahogany. It has that classic clear, warm, and balanced mahogany tone. Take a listen as Corey gives it a sample.

    This Kanile'a custom tenor is beautiful in both look and sound. It features unique and beautiful mahogany, top and back binding, and abalone appointments and rosette. It has a full rich projection with sparkling highs and a warm body of sustain. We think you'll love the sound, beauty, and quality of this Hawaiian made tenor ukulele.

    Act quickly because Hawaiian tenors this nice usually don't hang around long.

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  3. Design & Custom Order Kinnard Series 2 Soprano (an HMS Exclusive!) - Starting @
    Custom Order

    Your Own Kinnard Custom Soprano Build

    Choose your woods, add the extra features you would like, and order your own custom Kinnard soprano ukulele!

    These are immaculately built and finished by John S. Kinnard. 

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  4. Kanile'a "Honu" Baritone Package (HNS-B Premium, S#22381)

    Regular Price: $2,970.00

    Special Price: $2,673.00

    100% Hawaiian Made by the master builders of Kanile'a here on the island of Oahu using the finest koa wood. This tenor sounds fantastic! Take a listen to a dry sound sample of the same model.

    This handbuilt tenor ukulele features golden Hawaiian koa, rosewood bridge and fingerboard, Tusq(tm) nut and saddle, tortoise top binding, and is shown off with a perfect gloss finish.

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  5. Kanile'a Premium Koa Baritone (KPA-BP 22379)

    Regular Price: $3,065.00

    Special Price: $2,758.00

    Kanile'a KPA-BP Premium Koa- Abalone Adorned Tenor

    The instrument pictured AND in the video is "the one" available here!

    When great luthiers get a hold of great woods the result is a magical experience for the senses. Such is the case with this Hawaiian tenor. A beautiful musical instrument from the islands. This is the first baritone KPA we've had and it sounds and looks awesome!

    KPA-BP stands for Pua Abalone Baritone with Premium Koa. It features an impressively large abalone rosette and gorgeous koa. As you turn it in the light this unreal koa wood ripples and curls. Most importantly, the tone and projection are fantastic. One of the finest to come through.

    For you, this tenor Hawaiian ukulele, along with our custom attention and setup, will take your enjoyment to the next level. If it says in stock, then don't hesitate to add this Hawaiian beauty to your collection. We guarantee you love it!

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  6. Kanile'a Premium Koa Tenor (Custom T, S#20978)

    This is a new custom tenor from Kanile'a. It has a master grade koa body, koa rosette. Other noteworthy features include a beautiful rosewood bridge, rosette, fingerboard, and faceplate. And the fretboard has a 16" radius! The bridge pins are also custom made by Kanile'a with a koa dot in the middle. 

    Pictures AND video shows the exact ukulele available here.

    This is one of the most beautiful ukes to come through and with a tone equally wonderful. 

    100% Hawaiian-made by the Kanile'a master builders here on the island of Oahu using the finest Koa wood. Don't hesitate to add this awesome new custom tenor to your collection. We guarantee you will love it!

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  7. Kanile'a Koa Slothead Baritone (KCS-B TRU-R, S#22380)

    Regular Price: $2,266.00

    Special Price: $2,019.00

    This is a new model from Kanile'a ukulele. It's the KCS-BP, or premium koa slothead ebony tenor. It has an ebony bridge, fingerboard and faceplate along with Kailua beach sand for logo and fretmarker inlays. It looks absolutely stunning with a beautiful slotted headstock, gorgeous curly Hawaiian koa, and a sound just as fantastic. This is a dream baritone uke with a musical and accurate voicing that you'll love! 

    Pictures show ukulele available here.

    The KCS series features an elegant slim slothead and 18:1 geared Gotoh Stealth tuners. This adds to a lightweight beautiful design with accurate tuning and an exquisite look.

    100% Hawaiian-made by the Kanile'a master builders here on the island of Oahu using the finest Koa wood. This particular ukulele is truly beautiful in every way! BUT... most importantly, it sounds awesome!

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  8. Kanile'a Islands Premium Koa Tenor (ISL-T Prem Tru-R, Serial #22836)

    Regular Price: $2,257.00

    Special Price: $2,031.00

    Outstanding Tone! Inspiring Beauty!

    This is one of the most beautiful koa tenors you will ever see with a tone to match. 100% Hawaiian-made by the master builders at Kanile'a Ukulele here on the island of Oahu!!

    Pictures show the ukulele available here. Video shows same model.

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