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  1. Kala KA-EBY-T Ebony Tenor w/Package Options

    Regular Price: $259.99

    Special Price: $179.99

    This is a high quality laminate tenor. The exotic Indonesian ebony is framed off with maple wood top and back binding for a killer looking tenor.
  2. Satin ebony body
  3. Walnut Fingerboard and Bridge
  4. Mahogany neck
  5. Chrome Die-Cast Sealed Geared tuners
  6. Premium AQUILA NYLGUT Strings
  7. And as you know..
  8. The HMS custom setup!
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  • Cordoba 24T Solid Cedar Top Spalted Maple Tenor

    Regular Price: $260.00

    Special Price: $199.99

    Cordoba Solid Cedar Top Tenor

    This is a new tenor from Cordoba with a cool look and a great value. The solid cedar top adds a bright projection with nice overtones and the spalted maple laminate looks amazing. It's framed off with the stylish padauk wood binding and protected with a smooth satin finish. Adding to the classy look is ebony wood for the fretboard and bridge. A wonderful affordable tenor and with our quality control and custom setup work it's an amazing value.

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  • Kala KA-TEME Exotic Mahogany Tenor Electric

    Regular Price: $279.99

    Special Price: $195.99

    he exotic Mahogany series has great looks and is extremely affordable for its feel and sound. On this model, not only do you get a bright, loud and easy to play tenor with great intonation, but also an active pickup system with a built in tuner all for under $200!

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  • Kala KA-STG Solid Spruce Top Tenor Gloss

    Regular Price: $274.99

    Special Price: $189.99

    What's new is inside the ukulele. They redesigned the bracing and now this uke sounds way better than it ever has. There is more body and depth to the tone and more volume than almost any tenor you will find. The gloss finish looks thinner than before and the wood really speaks on this new model. I have a new favorite tenor under 200. I think the quality and value with this new Kala solid spruce top tenor will truly impress you.

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