Hawaiian Made Ukulele

These are the best ukes money can buy. Ko'olau, Kamaka, Kanile'a, and KoAloha are the 4 K's world renown for their sound and beauty. We try our best to stay stocked with the best Hawaiian Made Ukuleles. However, these companies are all limited in production and high in demand. So if you you see a Hawaiian made uke you like, don't hesitate! These come in and out of stock very quickly. Aloha!

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  1. Kanile'a Super Tenor (Diamond ST G Tru-R S#22509)

    Regular Price: $3,537.00

    Special Price: $3,183.00

    A visually stunning new expression in a Hawaiian made tenor.

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  2. Kanile'a Aldrine Guererro Signature Tenor  (#22706)

    Regular Price: $3,600.00

    Special Price: $3,250.00

    Pictures And Video Show THE Instrument Now Available Here (if it says, "In Stock")

    Aldrine's playing captivates and inspires. And so does his signature tenor from Kanile'a ukulele. Awesome Hawaiian koa, ebony appointments with Kailua beach sand signature inlays, a fat birds-eye maple rosette, slotted headstock, and a beautiful gloss body and faceplate with a velvet smooth satin neck. Corey gives us a raw sound sample of the same model.

    Mika plays this instrument throughout our last podcast. Take a listen.

    As you can see, this one has gorgeous Hawaiian koa and the tone is fantastic as well, so if you're looking for a great tenor then this is a wonderful choice! 

    We include final setup, the Kanilea gig case, and humidifier.

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  3. Kanile'a Signature Model Super Tenor (Willie K. ST 5 Tru-R G #22682)

    Regular Price: $4,046.00

    Special Price: $3,641.00

    The Hawaiian-made tenor in the pictures AND video is "the one" now available! (If it says "In Stock").

    If you ever get the chance to experience Willie K playing this model Kanile'a, take the opportunity to be truly blown away. Willie is an incredible, mind blowing musician, and so naturally his custom model is just as awesome.

    "The remarkable musical career of Willie Kahaiali’i — known as Willie K — spans a range so broad it seems to reach from the deepest bass to the sweetest soprano. From traditional and contemporary Hawaiian to blues and rock, he’s done it all and done it well." Star Advertiser - Steven Mark

    His signature Kanile'a model is equally impressive. Design features include

    • 5-string with high and low G
    • Sleek scoop cutaway for access to the highest frets
    • Smooth arm bevel for extra comfort
    • Custom rosette inlay of Hawaiian implement
    • Custom sand inlay fretmarkers and signature
    • Premium GORGEOUS curly koa
    • "Super" body size and 19" scale give super amazing tone!

    Take a listen-

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  4. I'iwi Custom Bearclaw Spruce/ Bubinga Tenor (#2032)

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