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These are the best ukes money can buy. Ko'olau, Kamaka, Kanile'a, and KoAloha are the 4 K's world renown for their sound and beauty. We try our best to stay stocked with the best Hawaiian Made Ukuleles. However, these companies are all limited in production and high in demand. So if you you see a Hawaiian made uke you like, don't hesitate! These come in and out of stock very quickly. Aloha!

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  1. Steve Grimes Custom Maple Cherry Burst Tenor (0974)

    Pictures and video show the instrument now available (if it says "In Stock")

    This beautiful custom tenor was made by world-class luthier Steve Grimes. It features all German flamed maple and is finished in a classic cherry burst. Aside from the gallery level beauty, this ukulele has a truly sweet sweet, plays like a dream with amazing low action, and has an excellent harmonic balance all the way up. Brittni gives us a quick sample.

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  2. Kanile'a Aldrine Guererro Signature Tenor  (#22706)

    Regular Price: $3,600.00

    Special Price: $3,250.00

    Pictures And Video Show THE Instrument Now Available Here (if it says, "In Stock")

    Aldrine's playing captivates and inspires. And so does his signature tenor from Kanile'a ukulele. Awesome Hawaiian koa, ebony appointments with Kailua beach sand signature inlays, a fat birds-eye maple rosette, slotted headstock, and a beautiful gloss body and faceplate with a velvet smooth satin neck. Corey gives us a raw sound sample of the same model.

    Mika plays this instrument throughout our last podcast. Take a listen.

    As you can see, this one has gorgeous Hawaiian koa and the tone is fantastic as well, so if you're looking for a great tenor then this is a wonderful choice! 

    We include final setup, the Kanilea gig case, and humidifier.

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  3. Kanile'a Mango Tenor (Custom-T, S#22388)

    This is a new custom concert from Kanile'a. It features a gorgeous curly Hawaiian mango body bound in curly Hawaiian koa. 

    Mango has a wonderful warm tone that pairs perfectly with the Kanile'a design. And it's extremely rare to have mango this curly. So beautiful!

    If it says "in stock", then the ukulele pictured AND in the video is now available here.

    This custom has the elegant slim slotted headstock and 18:1 geared Gotoh Stealth tuners. This adds to a lightweight beautiful design with accurate tuning and an exquisite look. 

    100% Hawaiian-made by the Kanile'a master builders here on the island of Oahu using the finest wood. This particular ukulele is truly beautiful in every way! Plus, it sounds fantastic!

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  4. Kanile'a Koa/ Maple Custom Tenor (Custom T, S#26630)

    This is a new custom tenor from Kanile'a. It has a master grade koa body, koa rosette. Other noteworthy features include a beautiful rosewood bridge, rosette, fingerboard, and faceplate. And the fretboard has a 16" radius! The bridge pins are also custom made by Kanile'a with a koa dot in the middle. 

    Pictures AND video shows the exact ukulele available here.

    This is one of the most beautiful ukes to come through and with a tone equally wonderful. 

    100% Hawaiian-made by the Kanile'a master builders here on the island of Oahu using the finest Koa wood. Don't hesitate to add this awesome new custom tenor to your collection. We guarantee you will love it!

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  5. KoAloha Pops Custom Pineapple Sunday Tenor

    This is a new one of a kind custom from "Pops" KoAloha collaborating with local pyrography artist Dino Muradian. Pyrography is a wood burning art and Dino does this art better than anyone we've ever seen. Seriously, look at the details of this art done with a soldering gun! Weeks of work went into just this art and the instrument is a work of art on it's own. Pops called it his Stradivarius.

    This custom is a tenor scale but fits in our concert hardshell case with the smaller body. The top and back are spruce and the sides are maple. Super beautiful design, creative to the max, and the tone is vibrant, warm, and projecting.

    Pictures AND video show this one off custom available here now (If it says in stock)

    A unique creation from Artist and Luthier Alvin Okami, aka Pops. We are selling this model with a Oahu Hard Case and Humidifier included!

    Get an ukulele from experts in the ukulele market! Get an Ukulele from Hawaii, home of the Ukulele!

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  6. Steve Grimes Custom "Freehand" Koa Tenor (0998)

    This is a new custom tenor from renowned luthier Steve Grimes of Maui. It has a unique asymmetrical body shape and a rare, gorgeous koa body. Other features include curly maple bindings, wood rope purflings, and a beautiful slotted headstock with Schaller Grand Tune tuners. 

    Pictures and video show the exact custom Grimes available. Here Mika plays this ukulele while Corey plays a cedar top from Steve.

    Along with stunning beauty, you get an incredible sound with amazing resonance and harmonic balance. This ultra-light tenor is a breeze to play with very low action and the most comfortable neck you could imagine. 

    Steve Grimes is one of the best instrument makers in the world. Some of the most famous songwriters and session players have chosen his customs and this is one of the finest tenor ukuleles you will find. Includes the Oahu wooden hard case in suede and Humistat humidifier. 

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  7. Steve Grimes Custom German Spruce/ Brazilian Rosewood Tenor #982

    Pictures and video show the instrument now available (if it says "In Stock")

    This beautiful custom from the renown luthier Steve Grimes has a Brazilian rosewood body and a German Spruce top framed off with curly koa binding. It is more expensive because of this prized and rare wood, but it looks and sounds amazing. And the feel, like butter! Very low action and a medium slender neck. Bottom line; This is an ultimate tenor ukulele in look, sound, and feel!

    Our sound samples are recorded for true reference and have no alteration or enhancement. Use quality playback for the most accurate listening.

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