Hawaiian Made Ukulele

These are the best ukes money can buy. Ko'olau, Kamaka, Kanile'a, and KoAloha are the 4 K's world renown for their sound and beauty. We try our best to stay stocked with the best Hawaiian Made Ukuleles. However, these companies are all limited in production and high in demand. So if you you see a Hawaiian made uke you like, don't hesitate! These come in and out of stock very quickly. Aloha!

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  1. KoAloha Koa "Pikake" Soprano (KSM-10, 191211)

    Regular Price: $870.00

    Special Price: $740.00

    The New KoAloha Soprano "Pikake"

    The new 2016 model KoAloha has an upgraded abalone logo inlay, rosewood fingerboard and bridge, and a beautiful finish. It's a fantastic soprano made right here on the island and we don't expect it to be in stock long because it sound incredible and has gorgeous koa wood. To top it off it has wonderful craftsmanship and is effortless to play.

    This soprano is a great way to get into the next level of sound and feel within a fairly modest budget. It's been one of our most popular Hawaiian ukes for the last few years and they are now better than ever!

    Pictured ukulele available here, video shows the same model.

    This soprano ukulele model is called the “Pikake” model. The only difference to the regular soprano is that this one has a satin lacquer finish instead of gloss.

    We are selling this model with a canvas covered hardcase and humidifier included!

    We love showing you the best value on the market! This ukulele is one Hawaiian-bargain!!

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  2. KoAloha Koa Gloss Soprano (KSM-00, 20111)

    Regular Price: $970.00

    Special Price: $825.00

    Pictured ukulele is the exact one for sale here.

    KoAloha became famous for this model and for good reason. For a little soprano it has a humongous sound. It's bright but with a full, warm low end. It has that famous soprano bark, but with sweet overtones from the koa and from KoAloha’s unique body design.

    KoAloha has a single brace going around the body, and connecting the top back and sides. Whatever it is that they are doing, it works! The sound is fantastic and their new look with the ebony appointments, abalone inlays, and gloss finish is more beautiful than ever!

    If you had yours eyes open for a good Hawaiian made instrument, this one will surely please your ears and induce some serious fun on the ukulele!

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