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  1. KoAloha Pineapple Soprano (KSM-01 20814)

    Regular Price: $970.00

    Special Price: $873.00

    KoAloha is famous for this soprano pineapple because it sounds awesome!

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  2. Kanile'a Premium Koa Soprano (K-1 S PREM Tru-R G, #23287)

    Regular Price: $1,505.00

    Special Price: $1,354.00

    Kanile'a is a local ukulele company from here on our island of Oahu. Kanile'a is an amazing value because the quality and sound are excellent.

    In a few years time Kanile'a has refined their process again and again, continuing to grow more full in tone and consistently amazing to look at.  They are using the finest koa for even basic models like this. Their UV gloss finish is the most glassy perfect and smooth you will find. The voicing is very present even in this small soprano as well as this soprano neck being comfortable to those that often play concert and tenor. 14 frets to body and geared tuners make this a great crossover to soprano.

    Pictures Show the Available Hawaiian Koa Soprano! Video shows the same model

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  3. Kanile'a Premium Koa Soprano (K-3 S PREM, Serial #23275)

    Regular Price: $2,253.00

    Special Price: $2,028.00

    The instrument pictured and in the video is the one available here! (if it says "In Stock")

    This last batch of Kanile'a ukes that came in are some of the best we've heard. As you can see this is gorgeous koa and is beautifully designed and crafted. The tone is just as sweet, take a listen.

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  4. Kanile'a Premium Koa Soprano (K-2 S PREM, Serial #23277)

    Regular Price: $1,792.00

    Special Price: $1,630.00

    Kanile'a K-2 Gloss Premium Koa Soprano

    Pictures and video show the exact ukulele available here.

    This beautiful Hawaiian soprano ukulele has an extra sweet tone and an extra easy feel with the relaxed soprano tension and nice low action. This is a special one that won't last long so don't hesitate to add this wonderful instrument to your collection.

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  5. Design & Custom Order Kinnard Series 2 Soprano (an HMS Exclusive!) - Starting @
    Custom Order

    Your Own Kinnard Custom Soprano Build

    Choose your woods, add the extra features you would like, and order your own custom Kinnard soprano ukulele!

    These are immaculately built and finished by John S. Kinnard. 

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  6. KoAloha Koa Gloss Soprano (KSM-00, 20312)

    Regular Price: $970.00

    Special Price: $825.00

    Pictured ukulele is the exact one for sale here.

    KoAloha became famous for this model and for good reason. For a little soprano it has a humongous sound. It's bright but with a full, warm low end. It has that famous soprano bark, but with sweet overtones from the koa and from KoAloha’s unique body design.

    KoAloha has a single brace going around the body, and connecting the top back and sides. Whatever it is that they are doing, it works! The sound is fantastic and their new look with the ebony appointments, abalone inlays, and gloss finish is more beautiful than ever!

    If you had yours eyes open for a good Hawaiian made instrument, this one will surely please your ears and induce some serious fun on the ukulele!

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