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  1. Kala KA-EBY-T Ebony Tenor w/Package Options

    Regular Price: $259.99

    Special Price: $179.99

    This is a high quality laminate tenor. The exotic Indonesian ebony is framed off with maple wood top and back binding for a killer looking tenor.
  2. Satin ebony body
  3. Walnut Fingerboard and Bridge
  4. Mahogany neck
  5. Chrome Die-Cast Sealed Geared tuners
  6. Premium AQUILA NYLGUT Strings
  7. And as you know..
  8. The HMS custom setup!
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  • Kala KA-STG Solid Spruce Top Tenor Gloss

    Regular Price: $274.99

    Special Price: $189.99

    What's new is inside the ukulele. They redesigned the bracing and now this uke sounds way better than it ever has. There is more body and depth to the tone and more volume than almost any tenor you will find. The gloss finish looks thinner than before and the wood really speaks on this new model. I have a new favorite tenor under 200. I think the quality and value with this new Kala solid spruce top tenor will truly impress you.

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  • Kala KA-TEME Exotic Mahogany Tenor Electric

    Regular Price: $279.99

    Special Price: $195.99

    he exotic Mahogany series has great looks and is extremely affordable for its feel and sound. On this model, not only do you get a bright, loud and easy to play tenor with great intonation, but also an active pickup system with a built in tuner all for under $200!

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  • Kala KA-BE Mahogany Baritone Electric

    Regular Price: $289.99

    Special Price: $199.99

    Kala KA-BE Mahogany Baritone Electric with Built-in Tuner

    This Kala has that sweet, big baritone sound. It can plug in for live or recording use, and even has a built-in digital tuner. All for under $200!

    The baritone is a fun and relaxing instrument that any guitar or ukulele player should feel right at home with. This is one of the best values in a baritone you will find.

    The Kala KA-BE is a good baritone with incredible features for the price (the built-in tuner is awesome!). It is constructed well and should last many years of joyful play. If you are in the market for a baritone that plugs in and still has a modest price, check out this KA-BE. It's a good uke and with our attentive setup, it's great!

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  • Kala KA-SSTU-S Soprano Travel Uke

    Regular Price: $279.99

    Special Price: $199.99

  • Solid Spruce Top
  • Easy to tune open back tuners
  • Satin Finish
  • HMS Setup!
  • This ukulele is a big part of what makes Kala different. The Travel series is incredibly value conscious and entirely unique to Kala. This solid spruce top will blow you away with sound!! Plus, comes with a nice padded gig bag, and still under $200! This is a fun one everyone should have in their collection! Put this thinbody uke anywhere, like in your suitcase next time you go on a trip! Features a 1 1/4″ to 1 3/4″ archback thinbody depth with a surprisingly full sound. The SSTU has been surprising customers for the last three years. The sound and build quality are impressive! Plus, with our custom setup you can be assured great playability. We set up each instrument including Saddle and Nut heights, Fret work, and a thorough inspection covering numbers of potential issues. This makes a huge difference and we are glad to hook you up with an instrument that will feel so great you play it every day!!

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  • Kala KA-SSTU-B Baritone Travel Ukulele

    Regular Price: $359.99

    Special Price: $199.99

    A thin body with a big sound!

    This ukulele is thin in size but it projects! It has a very bright and punchy tone with plenty of volume. The solid spruce top, and the way the back was arched give us a fantastic sounding tenor uke that travels well.

  • Kala Bocote "Butterfly" Tenor Ukulele (KA-BFT)

    Regular Price: $419.99

    Special Price: $218.99

    Discontinued model now at blowout price!

    Kala's supply of this wood has run down and this model will son no longer be available. Get one now at a fantastic price.

    The Kala butterfly models feature arched backs which give them a very potent, punchy sound with warm overtones. Other premium features include beautiful maple/rosewood rope binding with spruce binding on back, a mahogany neck , a rosewood fretboard & bridge, a Custom Butterfly headstock inlay, a black GraphTech NuBone nut & saddle, and a set of open-geared tuning machines with black buttons.

    Take a listen as Kalei gives a "raw" sound sample of this same model but with pickup. Sound sample is acoustic (unplugged).

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  • Kala KA-SSTU-C Concert Travel Uke

    Regular Price: $309.99

    Special Price: $219.99

    Kala Concert Thin body traveler ukulele w/ Padded Gig Bag

    A thin body with a big sound!

     Concert Size

    If you are looking for a slim body and a beautiful voice.....

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  • Kala Spruce/ Mahogany Concert (KA-SSEM-C)

    Regular Price: $279.99

    Special Price: $219.99

    Kala SSEM-C Solid Spruce Top Mahogany Concert!

    "New for 2019, the Solid Spruce Exotic Mahogany Series in concert. Spruce has a broad dynamic range that works well for both strumming and fingerpicking. Spruce’s consistent, clear, balanced, and robust tone pairs well with the resonance, midrange frequencies, and quick response of Exotic Mahogany."

    This concert ukulele has a solid spruce top, exotic mahogany sides and back, and mahogany binding. The design and woods are beautiful and still tasteful. The sound is among the best in this price range with great clarity and projection. 

    For many people, spruce is the ultimate soundboard wood. It projects and gives a wide range of frequencies hardwoods can not. One of the great things about spruce is that the sound will improve for many years. This makes it more of a keepsake. Something that you will have for many years and will continue to get better.

    If you were looking for a really great sounding and playing concert uke at a reasonable price, this brand new model from Kala is a wonderful choice. Not only is Kala bringing a better quality than ever before, but after your uke makes it past our quality check, it is then significantly improved with a setup you would normally only get from a specialty repair or custom shop.

    We pride ourselves on having the ukulele expertise to help you get the perfect one! We have zeroed out the best models from the best brands, and this Kala is surely one of them.

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  • Kala Ziricote Concert (KA-ZCT-C)

    Regular Price: $329.99

    Special Price: $239.99

    This is a new concert model from Kala. It looks amazing, as you can see, and has a wonderful sweet tone we think you're gonna love! If you were looking for a moderately priced concert sized uke with quality sound and looks, then consider this new ziricote model from Kala.

    Take a listen as Kalei gives a "raw" sound sample of this new tenor.

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