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  1. Kala KA-SA-T6 All Solid Acacia Tenor 6 string

    Regular Price: $639.99

    Special Price: $444.99

    This is a tenor 6 from Kala ukulele and they don't seem to be making any more.
  2. Solid Acacia body
  3. Walnut Fingerboard and Bridge
  4. Mahogany neck
  5. Chrome Die-Cast Sealed Geared tuners
  6. Premium AQUILA NYLGUT Strings
  7. And as you know..
  8. The HMS custom setup!
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  • Kala Solid Acacia concert (KA-SA-C)

    Regular Price: $504.99

    Special Price: $349.99

    With the all solid acacia series Kala has achieved a refined, yet natural look and sound. Professional construction and tasteful design make this model a favorite to many. If you were looking for a beautiful, solid wood concert in this price range, then this All Solid Acacia Concert from Kala with the HMS setup may be just what you want.

    For about 10 years customers have been loving the ASAC-C. Now for 2018 they called it the SA-C and changed the binding to maple and freboard to walnut. The result is a nice natural woody look and a lighter weight resonant concert we think you'll love. Corey gives a raw sound sample.

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  • Kala KA-SMHC Solid Mahogany Concert

    Regular Price: $339.99

    Special Price: $259.99

    This soild mahogany concert from the Kala company is paterned after the classic Martin mahogany concert ukulele. Kala truly did an excellent job with this line. This concert gets a very warm, classic tone that pleases the ears. Mahogany continues to be used despite being harder to find and more expensive. This is a wood that has been used for stringed instruments for the last century because it has soft and hard wood qualities to it with excellent sonic character. The SMHC not only sounds good, it looks good! The bindings are very precisely routed for, quality wood with clean construction, and the design and adornment is tasteful.....


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  • Kala Figured Maple Tenor Gloss (KA-FMTG)

    Regular Price: $419.99

    Special Price: $285.99

    We have been blown away lately with the quality that the Kala company is coming with. This tenor has a solid spuce top, spalted maple sides and back, a maple neck, and mahogany binding. The design and woods are noticeably beautiful and still tasteful. The sound is amongst the best in this price range.

    The gloss finish is thinner than ever to let the wood “speak”. And it does. As you can hear in the sound sample, this tenor sounds great! It would certainly be a top contender for best tenor in the under $300 range. This is a big, clear sound with bell like tones than will have you loving every minute you get to play uke. For many people Spruce is the ultimate soundboard wood. It projects and gives a wide range of frequencies hard woods can not. One of the great things about spruce is that the sound will improve for many years. This makes it more of a keep sake. Something that you will have for many years and will continue to get better.

    If you were looking for a really great sounding and playing tenor at a reasonable price. This Kala FMT is a wonderful choice. Learn More

  • Kala KA-BE Mahogany Baritone Electric

    Regular Price: $289.99

    Special Price: $199.99

    Kala KA-BE Mahogany Baritone Electric with Built-in Tuner

    This Kala has that sweet, big baritone sound. It can plug in for live or recording use, and even has a built-in digital tuner. All for under $200!

    The baritone is a fun and relaxing instrument that any guitar or ukulele player should feel right at home with. This is one of the best values in a baritone you will find.

    The Kala KA-BE is a good baritone with incredible features for the price (the built-in tuner is awesome!). It is constructed well and should last many years of joyful play. If you are in the market for a baritone that plugs in and still has a modest price, check out this KA-BE. It's a good uke and with our attentive setup, it's great!

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  • Kala KA-TEME Exotic Mahogany Tenor Electric

    Regular Price: $279.99

    Special Price: $195.99

    he exotic Mahogany series has great looks and is extremely affordable for its feel and sound. On this model, not only do you get a bright, loud and easy to play tenor with great intonation, but also an active pickup system with a built in tuner all for under $200!

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  • Kala Solid Spruce Top Concert Gloss (KA-SCG)

    Regular Price: $229.99

    Special Price: $169.99

    Kala has over 100 models, so make your life easier by only choosing the best of the bunch . This is a fantastic concert ukulele! After our custom setup work, it's value can't beat!

    A key factor to this great value that we attest to is our custom setup that we give every ukulele that leaves our shop.

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  • Kala KA-SMHTE-C All Solid Tenor Cutaway Electric

    Regular Price: $494.99

    Special Price: $389.99

    From the very popular all solid mahogany series from Kala come this tenor cutaway with pickup. Great solid Mahogany tone with the classic Martin tone and look. This model comes ready to plug in for live or recording use. Corey samples the SMHT-E for us her (not plugged in)

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  • Kala KA-STGE-C Solid Spruce Top Cutaway Tenor Electric
    $399.99 Click for price

    This is a tenor sized solid spruce top ukulele. It features a cutaway and pickup system,  and after our custom setup is a ready to gig package.

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  • Kala Solid Cedar Top Concert Slothead (KA-ACP-CTG)

    Regular Price: $379.99

    Special Price: $269.99

    For the first time Kala introduces a concert with a slotted headstock. It is light weight with excellent balance. Aside from being absolutely gorgeous, this is quite possibly the biggest sounding concert Kala has ever made. We love this new model and think you will also. 

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