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Islander Tenor Solid Spruce Top KSTCUT-4

Product Review (submitted on August 13, 2019):
I'd been after a good high-G `ukulele for a while, and decided to buy it in person at the Honolulu store while on holiday in Hawaii, back in June this year. After trying this and several other `ukuleles, I settled on the Islander. Eli did a fantastic job of setting it up for me while I waited, and fitted it with Worth Clear strings at my request.

The `ukulele has a beautiful clear, ringing tone that lends itself very well to fingerstyle playing, which is my preference. The slightly wider string spacing also helps with this. It also sounds really good when strummed. The Worth Clear strings give it more projection than the stock strings it was originally fitted with.

The finish on the instrument is gorgeous, and the abalone ring around the soundhole add just the right amount of bling.

I really enjoy playing this one, and can recommend it to anyone looking for a quality tenor `ukulele at a reasonable price.