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Pono Acacia Soprano (AS 6200)

Product Review (submitted on December 23, 2012):
I got this uke when I was ready to upgrade to a solid ukulele after learning on a laminate. First of all, it is a beautiful uke. The pictures don't do it justice. The color of mine is darker than this one looks, but that could just be differences in wood grain. I really like the satin finish, but that's just my preference.

As for sound, it has great sustain. Most of the notes ring clear and it's nice and loud, especially for a soprano, but it still maintains that sweet "Hawaiian" sound. It's louder than my laminate concert (which has a very "punchy" sound).

The only complaint I have is that my A string buzzes pretty badly. I switched out the stock strings because I wasn't a huge fan and the new strings were thinner than the stock strings. I had to put the stock A string back on because the buzz from the thinner string was awful. I'll probably have to replace the nut at some point.

Overall, for a ukulele right around the $300 price point, it's a great ukulele. It's one of the most basic Pono models, but it looks and sounds really nice.