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Pono Acacia Soprano (AS 6200)

Product Review (submitted on June 20, 2013):
Got this as our first Soprano based on the HMS description and LOTS of web sound samples, but none of that prepares you for the real thing live. And that sums up the character: it's ALIVE. first, the volume it punches out is ridiculous! It drowns out our solid all-Mahogany tenor, even from a separate room. And the tone: full, rich, woody - pushes midrange and bass tones that rival our cedar concert - must be the acacia. The satin finish gives it a dry crunch and let's the grain belt out the volume and the wood and craftsmanship go way past the price. Might have been our little guy, but the A string tone decays quickly compared to the top 3 -that's why we didn't give it a full 5stars for quality. To our newbie ears it doesn't have the traditional high-pitch 30s soprano tone, but pull it out, play it and watch the jaws drop.