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Pono Acacia Soprano (AS 6200)

Product Review (submitted on June 24, 2013):
Picked this little puppy for my wife after searching countless video & sound samples of sopranos - but we just weren't prepared for the tone & volume. Only one way to describe it: It's... ALIVE! From the start the tone is warm & woody, with a dry crunch - must be that satin finish Acacia. We were looking for that light, high-pitch 30s-style tone, but this packs a full-bodied punch with plenty of mid-range and bass. But it doesn't stop there; the tone evolves as we play it - seeming to really love warm, humid conditions and actually becomes richer and fuller. And volume? Ridiculous! It drowns out our solid mahogany tenor from a room away. The finish is clean, with a bold, organic grain that perfectly embodies its tone, and feels as smooth as the proverbial baby's... We did experience the wonky A string issue that another reviewer had, which explains the reduction in a star for quality, but Joel at HMS recommended replacing with a Worth Clear and we trust our man Joel. If you're looking for a light, singy soprano this may not be for you, but if you want to take something out and watch the jaws drop this is the one.