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Pono PC 5 Series Acacia Slothead Tenor (ATSH5-PC SPO 12410)

Product Review (submitted on March 29, 2013):
This is my third ukulele (third Pono).
My Rosewood tenor was my first instrument, followed one year later by a Mahogany Concert. Both sound great and I've enjoyed the luxury of learning and practicing with quality instruments. And now the Acacia Tenor Pro 5!

Two days into my new ukulele and I am utterly spellbound by a) the level of fit and finish, b) the sheer beauty of the ultra select grade of Acacia wood and superb trim and c) the rich and mellow voice of this particular instrument.WOW!!

Before making the purchase, I had a long conversation with both Aaron and Zach who both knew my budget; one that allowed for a Ko 'Olau hand made instrument.
In the end, they reasoned that given my affection for my two Ponos, why not try their flagship tenor ukulele? If not happy, I'd be out only the cost of return shipping.

Guess what? This instrument is going nowhere!!

Thanks to all the kind, expert and friendly professionals at Hawaiian Music Supply. Any mainlander looking to take up this exquisite hobby is well advised to work with you! THANK YOU!!!!