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Pono Mahogany Concert Deluxe (MCD Oahu Hard Case)

Product Review (submitted on December 23, 2012):
Simply put, many ukers, including me, think that in it's price range, a mahogany Pono can't be beat. It's light, has a flawless gloss finish and I love the black tuner buttons. For my hands, the neck is perfect..not too thick, wide, etc. To me, it has a full, rich sound, deep for a concert. It has a great "chime" without being brash. I have Ko'olau Alohi strings on it right now, don't remember what came on it, but would see no need to change them at this time. Overall, I think that considering the price, the next step up from this Pono will be a K uke costing 3 to 4 times as much...or more. I have the MCD-E model and it sounds good plugged in, although I seldom do so. It's my "Main Player" at this time. I also got the Ko-olau case with it, a good investment and if something happened to this outfit, I'd buy another in a heartbeat.