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Pono Mahogany Concert Deluxe (MCD Oahu Hard Case)

Product Review (submitted on December 26, 2012):
I wanted a 2nd uke and couldn't justify another K-uke, but wanted a solid wood professional quality instrument. I already have a Koa tenor (with octave low G-string) so I wanted a mahogany concert for something a little different for re-entrant tuning. I couldn't play anything to try before purchase so I took a leap with this one and with this company. I couldn't be more pleased. It's a little softer and quiter sounding than the Koa tenor (that cost x4 more), but I can attribute that to the size and wood differences. This is a very nice isntrument. You won't be ashamed to be seen in public with this beauty. The finish is perfect. The mahogany is drop-dead gorgeous with some curl to it. The ebony fretboard is dark brown, not black, but complements the instrument very well. I don't see how you can do better at this price range. I added the Oahu hardshell case, which is also excellent, and will soon be adding a JJB Prestige-220 pickup to this since I play plugged in virtually 100% of the time and don't like undersaddle pickups. I couldn't be happier with my purchase.