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Koaloha Tenor Acacia Opio Ukulele Package (KTO-10)

Product Review (submitted on October 6, 2017):
This tenor is very playable and sounds wonderful. I can't imagine a $1000 instrument out-performing this one in any way except maybe cosmetically. I love the thin neck, the set-up is perfect. The sound is warm and clear, decent volume. The sound sample on the product page does not quite convey the sweetness. I like this better than the Pono tenor I had that cost about the same. I knew that within a minute.
My impression is that this Opio line gives you the functional build of their more refined products without the fancy cosmetics. If you put a magnifying glass on all the joins, you may find some quibbles. Mine even has a couple of small dings on the edge of the fret board. I guess if this is a problem for you, you need to be shopping a different line, or at the higher end. This instrument has no delicate inlays, the fret markers are plain round wood. The nut and bridge appear to be plastic. But the design and functional build is solid. This thing is a joy to play.
I also want to note that this instrument does not have a serial number, which might be an issue on an insurance claim? Mine is stamped "March 2017" on the butt of the neck stock inside.