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Aquila Strings - Baritone - DGBE- or Plain for GCEA

Product Review (submitted on December 23, 2012):
I have a mediocre Baritone uke and when I upgraded to these strings (EBGD) it made all the difference. Instead of a mumbled, soft sound I now have clear bright notes. The nylgut only takes a day or so to stretch out and then they have been rock solid in tune every time I pick up the instrument. I have had them on the Baritone for about 3 months now and there is no sign of wear or age.

I also have these strings in GCEA on a Baritone. These dont produce a sound that I think is quite true, no matter how much I try and work the tuning. When I compare the sound to my tenor in GCEA the sound good, string by string, but when I play the Baritone by itself something seems off overall. So I dont recommend using the GCEA strings to just convert a Baritone to standard uke tuning. It does the job but it is not all that pleasing in the end result.