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Islander Mahogany Concert MC-4

Product Review (submitted on July 25, 2012):
I wanted a uke that I could take with me anywhere. At the same time, I wanted a well-made uke with good tone that I would still enjoy playing. The Islander MC-4 fit the bill perfectly.

It's well-made and nicely finished as one would expect from a line developed by Kanile'a. The headstock has been redesigned by deleting the image of Mokoli'i Island, so it's simple and understated. The thin finish lets you see the mahogany grain and I'm hoping will allow the wood to open up even just a little despite it being laminate. I really like the pin bridge for easy string changes.

Despite being a laminate uke, it has a surprisingly pleasant tone. I listened to the clips on the site but when I received it, it was brighter than I expected from a mahogany uke. I guess that's why MGM said I made a good choice.

The uke came with a Uke Crazy hard foam case with straps to sling it on your back. It's well-designed and makes it easy to take the uke to the beach, to the park or anywhere else you want to play.

Thanks again Andrew and MGM!