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Islander - Tenor Mahogany - MT-4

Product Review (submitted on December 23, 2012):
My first uke was a makala dolphin. With this uke i got excited to look for a a next stap uke. For me it was the tenor. I got most exited by seeing the video's from Aaron where he is playin the Islander ukes. the main reason to order from hawaii music supply was for the setup of the uke before they send it. The other reason is that in the Netherlands there are no shops who sells brands like Islander. So in this review my only comparison is with a sopran makala dolphin ukelele. I bought the Islander MT-4 with case.

So the package was packed well and the delivery time to the Netherlands was ok. The uke feels good and in my opinion it also looks good. Every part looks well build and finished nice. It gives me the feeling and idea that the company took care of it. It is a laminated uke, but what really surprised me was the sound. I also checked the video's from Aaron playing the Islander but i really love the sound for a laminated ukulele. I have no idea how a solid uke sounds like, but for me this is a great sound. My makala dolphin sopran is bright, crips and not to loud. The MT-4 with aquilla makes is very loud in a good way. The sound is warm and bright. The playability in comparison with a makala dolphin is a really a big stap forward for me. It's plays soft, gentle and sliding from the first fret to another goes very smooth. There where no buzzes up and down allong the frets. I have pretty big hands so for me it's more easily to play.

The only think i didn't like is a cosmetic thing. On the head you have the logo of a mountain and the text Islander. For me it is too much. I am more a visual man so only the logo would be good or only the text.

So this is my first tenor uke. The price is in my opinion very valuable for what you get. The build quality is very nice and good. The playability is also very good. Also thanks for the setup by Hawaii Music Supply before sending (standard service). I think it has a big influence for playing. I am a really happy uke player. My next step would be probably a solid uke, but for know i am really happy. Only for the variety I would like to have an other uke. So if you are looking in the lower priced range, and want a great tenor uke then you will be more then pleased buying the mt-4 Islander.

So a full 5 stars award if you looking to price quality, price and value. So bang for the buck.

Marco from the Netherlands