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Islander - Tenor Mahogany - MT-4 (Special till 9/27)

Product Review (submitted on December 25, 2012):
I bought this to see if I liked tenors. I like the wider and thinner neck of Islander/Kanilea, though that's personal preference. Acoustically, the ukulele is loud, but it sounds better picked -- when strummed, it's somewhat muddy. Plugged in, it's cleaner and clearer. The HMS folks added a Pono passive pickup, and I don't need an external pre-amp unless going right into a PA; through my amp, it's plenty loud and clear. I also use this uke when I'll be taking it where I don't want to worry much about temperature or dryness/humidity. So while it's not as impressive unplugged and strummed, it's quite nice plugged in and as a travel uke.