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Kala Tenor Slot Head Eight String (KA-8)

Product Review (submitted on December 29, 2012):
I've always wanted an 8-string, but was holding out for Pono, a higher-end option. (There don't appear to be many options for 8-string.) However, lucked out at finding this Kala model on the racks and fell in love with it (they also had 6-string cousin, which is another flavour altogether - I preferred the 8-string as it felt funny under my fingers having 2 of 4 notes with single strings, like something was missing).

It plays well, it's not harder to play 8 strings; although to be honest I think my fingers get tired sooner on this uke. I find I have to tune a couple of strings each time I pick it up, but they stay in tune for that session. There is a little binding at the nut when tuning, nothing too bad, though I could use some soft graphite to fix that, and the tuning pegs could be slightly higher quality but do the job.

The sound is very rich, the best part of course.

As for cases, the uke-crazy hard-shell fits mine well: better, actually, than some other Kala tenors (for which I recommend the Oahu Hardshell for a snugger fit). The Kala 8-string will NOT fit into the Oahu Hardshell!

Note that the Pono has an adjustable truss rod, which this model doesn't. I haven't had the opportunity to play the Pono 8-string.

BTW, you can hear a little of this uke in the mix on youtube if you look under Kelo O' Like Like, recorded with a bunch of Kala's including this exact model.