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Pono AC - Pono Acacia Concert

Product Review (submitted on December 5, 2012):
I upgraded from a Lanikai LU 21P to this Pono and I am so happy with my decision. This uke sounds so sweet, looks gorgeous, and is easy to play. The sound sample provided here accurately represents what this ukulele sounds like, which is something I was really worried about when looking around online for an ukulele. It's so hard to try to pick out an instrument without ever having played it first but Hawaii Music Supply makes it as easy as possible for those of us without the luxury of a local music shop with quality ukes.

The only thing (and it's a very small thing) is that I noticed after a few days that there is what looks like a bit of lint or a small, clear fiber that got caught in the finish on the body of the uke. You don't notice it unless you turn the ukulele just the right way where the light catches it. It's so unobtrusive that I never notice it unless I make the effort to find it, so it's not a problem for me. Other than that one, small, insignificant thing, this ukulele is perfect and I am very happy with it.

This was my first time purchasing an ukulele from Hawaii Music Supply and I will definitely be coming back for all future ukulele purchases (in fact, I've already ordered another uke from here as a birthday gift for someone else!) I love the HMS setup and the shipping was quick and not too expensive.