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Pono MB - Mahogany Baritone

Product Review (submitted on December 25, 2012):
Baritone is the way to go. Pono is the way to go. I spent months researching ukuleles through websites, personal interviews, online reviews, videos, and blogs, all of which pointed me to the Pono MB Baritone. Why choose baritone? It's a unique sound and look that will captivate your audience's attention. It's also a two-in-one ukulele. The baritone tuning is similar to the higher strings of a guitar (DGBE), just add a capo on the 5th fret and the tuning is now a tenor ukulele (GCEA). This is perfect for performing.

I have now had this ukulele for two years. It has held up through my band's travels and consistent schedule. It has stayed true to sound (especially with Ko'olau Mahana Baritone Strings). Keep it humidified! These ukuleles come from the enriched humidified land of Hawaii - going from Hawaii to Colorado can effect the ukulele, especially without humidification. The Pono MB Baritone is the way to go. I have done the research for you, this ukulele is hard to beat.