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Pono MB - Mahogany Baritone

Product Review (submitted on December 26, 2012):
I got the Pono MB this last fall on an impulse, and I lliked it so much I asked my wife for a Pono Tenor for Christmas. I couldn't be happier. It came in a terrific hard shell case that fits it like a glove. It has a nice satin finish, quality tuners, and was set up and in perfect tune when I took it out of the case. The solid mahogany doesn't disappoint. Both the feel and the rich full tone of this instrument exceeded my expectations. My buddy plays a Gibson acoustic, and he was blown away by the quality construction and wonderful sounds coming out of this "ukulele". I had him try it out so I could have a better listen, and five minutes later this guitar purist was seriously considering getting one for himself. It is fun to play, and would make a great travel "guitar" or starter guitar for a child. Or a really nice Baritone Uke.