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Product Review (submitted on December 24, 2012):
I have two of these, because I just couldn't find a good case that I felt would protect my ukes. I was looking for a hard case for extreme protection, but they seemed too heavy, and I tend to carry my uke around pretty frequently for jam sessions. I didn't want to store my ukes in a soft gig bag, so the next best thing was this case by Uke Crazy. I love how it's very lightweight which makes it easy to carry yet it's "semi-hard" which makes me feel that the uke is protected. I like how there's an outer pocket, and an inner pocket for storage.

I guess I can slap on some stickers or something, but if only they can spice these cases up with some different designs/colors so I know which uke is in which case! Not to mention that I have friends with the same case so it's difficult to tell who owns which case!