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Kala KA-T Tenor w/ Package options

Product Review (submitted on December 27, 2012):
I bought at KST tenor and a soprano to enable me and my then five year old grand daughter learn to play. THe KAT proved to be a very balanced instrument on which to learn, as did the Kala soprano I bought for my grand daughter. I have recommended the KAT to several people who bought them and we all agree, it is a great value. The sound quality is very good, the construction is very good, and the set up was very good (We all bought them from Musicguymic). I still play the KAT although I have more high end instruments, notably an Islander Tenor. Overall, the the playability of the KAT is very good good. However, the sound, to my taste, is a bit muted. The hardware is good and the construt ion is good -- in short -- no complaints. This really is s fine starter ukulele.