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Kala KA-T Tenor w/ Package options

Product Review (submitted on January 9, 2014):
Have just ordered, and since it's on the way, all I can post is the result of my research for selecting this uke. I play steel string acoustic and electric guitars, so I'm adding a tenor nylon uke to add low-G tuning fingerstyle to my mix. The nut and bridge material is TUSQ (NuBone), which is the equivalent of bone, and the mahogany laminate body, being what it is, is passible for tone and timbre, and I have no need to spend an extra $1K for solid Koa, Mahogany, or Acacia. I researched ukulele strings, and found the study confusing because most reviewers wrote about "feel" rather than tone. Some strings, like Worth, are expensive and prone to early breakage, while the Aquila Nylgut is both reasonable in cost and appropriate for the tonal characteristics of this model uke. I did specify the wound Low-G string for the strings, which is what my thumb is used to feeling (I don't maintain a long thumbnail). I'm prepared to take a fine file and dress the ends of the fret wires, which would seem a probable need for a tenor uke of this price. I repeat, this "review" is in anticipation; I'll update it when I receive my Kala KA-T.