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Kala KA-T Tenor w/ Package options

Product Review (submitted on June 15, 2014):
This is a very nicely made uke. I chose this Kala laminated model to learn on due to concerns about my arid climate and the need for humidification for a solid wood uke. Mine had a small problem. Hence me knocking it down to 4 stars for quality (I would have gone 4-/12 starts, had that been an option). One of the tuners was loose due to an oversized/stripped screw mounting hole. HMS quickly offered to replace the uke and pay shipping both ways. However, I was able to do the repair myself (toothpick plus wood glue in the hole, then re-drilled). Despite my small issue, I still rate this uke as a fantastic beginner uke to learn on and would certainly buy one like it again without reservation.