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Kala KA-SMHTE-C All Solid Tenor Cutaway Electric

Product Review (submitted on April 5, 2017):
I bought this model last year as my first "serious" ukulele and first tenor. I must say I haven't put it down since. First I thought I didn't like it much but after a few weeks the sound began to open and gets better and better since then. Plus, after a few weeks, it seems to stay tuned forever, just a few adjustments sometimes and here we go !

This instrument is very good for funky strumming. Nuances and variations of the sound are very pleasant even when strumming quite hard and fast. It's good for picking too, overall this instrument is quite versatile and can be played in many styles.

Since then I bought a Pono MGT-PC, I must say I still prefer this Kala, for the Pono is excellent for picking but a bit muddy for my ears when strummed, though it costs almost twice the price.

I must say too that since a few weeks, I have a buzz on the C string from the first fret to the fifth.

When plugged, the sound is a bit agressive, but if you simply turn the treble a bit down on both the ukulele and the amplifier it's sweet and mellow again.