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Pono Mango Baritone (MGB 7708)

Product Review (submitted on January 13, 2017):
This is my second uke from HMS - immaculately shipped (as always), it arrived in perfect condition. However, after a week I was on the fence about keeping it so I contacted customer service at HMS -- they very nicely sent me two new strings to try out.

Now a month or two of regular playing later the mango tonewood has really started opening up. Its unique sound is soft, halfway between sweet and dark with lasting overtones if you get the tuning just right. The dimensions are spot on, and while it lacks the umpf of other bari's I've tried it excels as a mellow backdrop when singing.

I was hoping my MGB would have a pattern similar to the pictures on the website, but it doesn't. It is much, much lighter with striations of darker coffee coloring throughout. Overall a unique, quality instrument that improves every time I play.