New Oahu Clip-On Tuner

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New Oahu Clip-On Tuner

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This is the new and improved Oahu clip on tuner. For the last 5 years the Oahu tuner has been our best selling tuner. This new version has all the features that people love. One button, bright simple display, long lasting battery, and reliable accurate tuning. The new version is more compact with higher quality materials. The only other difference is that the color of the display turns from red to green when you are in tune. For a limited time we are offering this at a discount!

The Oahu clip on tuner is a one button chromatic tuner. It stays in 440 like you need, and tunes anything you can clip it onto. This is our best-selling tuner for good reason. It has a nice big and bright display. It is very easy to use, it is accurate, and they are made to last.

 The Oahu Chromatic Tuner is simple to use, and works on all stringed instruments. It lacks some of the unnecessary "bells and whistles" of other tuners which offer optional settings that you don't need and will never use. Ko'olau says "we decided that quality and simplicity (on or off), and of course, affordability is more important." The LCD display has one easy to see color, and when in tune, the needle points to the center, also displaying three additional lines along with three lines to display an in tune pitch. Also, the clip-on bracket is sturdy and durable.

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Specs Set at the standard A 440. Uses Cell style battery CR323
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