Oahu Arched Top Hardshell Wood Case - Tweed (Tenor)

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Oahu Arched Top Hardshell Wood Case - Tweed (Tenor)

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We recently took over the Oahu Case Company and this one of our new models. We are not wholesaling these, but instead offering the best price directly you and only available here. 

This is a hardshell case made to fit most tenor ukuleles. It has a heavy duty wood construction and an arched top for extra strength. The olive tweed exterior gives a unique and classy look and the interior is a plush and padded crushed velvet green to house your ukulele.

Note: There is an option here for those purchasing an ukulele that includes a canvas covered hard case to upgrade at a discounted price. This is only an available option if you are currently buying an ukulele that includes a canvas covered case. (It will say on the ukulele listing if it is included)
Additional Information
  • Tenor size
  • Wooden shaped case
  • Tweed exterior and with leather reinforcement and handle
  • Antique brass buckles
  • Interior pocket



  • Outside length - 29" inches
  • Inside length - 27" inches
  • Lower bout width - 9.5" inches
  • Upper bout width - 7" inches
Options No
Brand Oahu
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Customer Reviews 3 item(s)

Excellent case. Beautiful covering, quality latches, and nice, plush interior. Seals nicely for humidity control. Well worth the added cost to your purchase.
Review by Terry / (Posted on 4/4/2020)
Great construction, but terrible odor
I bought this case to replace an older Oahu case on which the handle is coming apart. I selected the tweed design because I like the look.

The design and construction of this new case are excellent, really without equal this side of a Calton case. The lid fits perfectly, the latches are all even and tight, and the handle is a vast improvement over the old Oahu design. This case is a bit larger than the old one, but it came with an extra, moveable pad to tighten the fit.

I'd give this case 5 stars across the board, but it came with a strong odor, possibly from glue or solvent, that smells like cheap perfume. It's not unusual for new cases to have a bit of odor, and it usually fades quickly, but it's been five months now and the odor is still there despite extended use of Febreze, baking soda, activated charcoal, and warm sunlight. If I leave it open for a while the odor seems to fade, but the odor returns once the case has been closed for a few hours.

Worse, the odor made its way into the interior of my Pono MGT. I moved the uke back to the old case months ago, but the odor remains in the uke and I don't know how to get rid of it without possibly damaging the uke.

Bottom line: I don't recommend this case.

I wrote to customer service here about the problem a while back asking for possible solutions, but I haven't heard back yet; I expect they were backlogged with the holidays. I'm hopeful they have a better solution than I've been able to find.
Review by Chris / (Posted on 12/27/2019)
Gorgeous case
This case is gorgeous! I did it as an upgrade and it is well worth the difference. The green tweed is really nice with the leather trim. The dark green plush interior makes the instrument look great. Highly recommended.
Review by heathbar / (Posted on 8/7/2017)

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