Auction: Moore Bettah Custom Mermaid Spruce Ebony Tenor (#1712)

Auction: Moore Bettah Custom Mermaid Spruce Ebony Tenor (#1712)

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This world class custom tenor ukulele by Chuck Moore features ultimate tonewoods with a creamy white Adirondack spruce top contrasting deep, rich Macassar ebony sides and back. A graceful arm bevel flows along with the ebony bindings, framing off an instrument that lures you in with it’s beautiful design.

The artistic expression takes it to another level. I was able to pick this one up from Chuck's workshop on the Big Island and seeing how he’s currently working with materials and ideas for inlay was fascinating. From the discovering and sometimes even creating of his own materials, to now using a microscope for unparalleled detail work, Chuck continues to evolve with his unique style of art.

The amount of talent, skill, and pure time and effort that goes into a Moore Bettah ukulele like this is something all it’s own. And not just for the visual beauty. The feel, the tone ....It takes you away like a mythological sea babe. The thing is, I call ukes gorgeous and awesome on a fairly regular basis, because they are. But then a uke like this comes along and I’m not sure what to say without getting a little ridiculous. But as you can see and hear, this is truly a special, one of a kind, custom ukulele from an exceptionally gifted artist and luthier. 

Kalei Gamiao is one of the great musicians we are blessed to have up at our store in Haleiwa. Here he gives us a raw sound sample of the tone. Use quality monitors or headphones for the most true sound.

(Auction details below)

This tenor has a slew of wonderful appointments like an ebony bound side sound port, the smoothest arm bevel you could dream of, mitered purflings flowing along with ebony bindings nicely rounded off, and thin high-gloss nitro finish smooth to the slide. Little details went into every aspect of this build. The asymmetrical rosette is set off with a swell from the ocean. This is a wave you wouldn't want to wipe out on cause it's carbon fiber reinforced ;)

Chuck is a solo builder and works by hand, no computer aided design, laser cutting machine or outside sourcing. The unique art called scrimshaw is said to be the oldest of all North American art forms. It's the art form that Chuck made his living at years ago while living on the island of Molokai and it's a time consuming technique he uses on many of his most special instruments.

A few years ago Moore Bettah went to the current body shape with a slightly wider lower bout and string-through bridge. Especially with this wood combination he attains such a powerful and articulate voice that still oozes delicate sweetness. This is done also in part with his new string set featuring flatwound Low g and c strings. They aren't as boomy or dominating as regular wound strings are, especially on an instrument as "open" or projecting as this one. Plus they are ultra smooth when sliding, not squeaky like wound strings, and better sustain and tension balance than plain fluorocarbon strings, especially on the low G. Chuck continues to refine his offering and this is another area he has been striving to improve on. He continually enlightens us on just how great an ukulele can be. 

This came to us with a world-class setup, very low action without buzzing, and a carbon fiber rod in the neck to ensure it maintains that perfect feel. Having an ukulele this easy to play with this wonderful of a sound is very special. Add in the original art and you have a real treasure.

This ultimate custom tenor ukulele includes the Ameritage case offering the best fit and protection and also the Oasis Humidifier.

This is an auction and the details are below.

1. The auction will close on Wednesday May 17, 2017 at 4:30 pm Hawaii time.

2. This is an English format “open bid” auction. This means the bids are public and can be seen by others. The reserve price is $9,000. Any price shown above this in the box below is the current prevailing bid. You must bid higher by at least $25.00.

3. You must log in to your TheUkuleleSite account to bid. If you don’t have an account, simply create one. From "My Account" and  under the "My Auction" tab you need to set your auction name and choose when you would like to be emailed. You can also cancel bids from there. 

4. Bids are a fixed amount, there is no more Auto Bid in our auctions.

5. We’re including "Going, Going, Gone"  to simulate a live auction with an auctioneer. With this feature, any new highest bid received in the final 120] seconds will re-set a 120 second window for new bids to be received. As long as a higher bid comes in, the Going, Going, Gone window will re-set again. This cycle will continue until the prevailing bid survives without being overbid within the 120 second window.

6. When the auction ends, the highest bid received at or above the reserve price will be the winner. We must receive your bid for it to count.

7. The highest bid will be invoiced for the full value of the bid and have 24 hours from the invoice date to pay for their purchase in full. If the purchase price is not remitted by the deadline, Hawaii Music Supply may choose to offer the next highest bidder the opportunity to buy it at their final bid price.

8. Hawaii Music Supply reserves the right in its sole discretion to invalidate any bids that it determines have been made for the purpose of collusion or undermining the integrity of the auction. In such an event, Hawaii Music Supply may re-start or cancel the auction or choose to sell to any valid bidders. By entering this auction, all bidders agree that their bids are made with the intention to purchase the instrument featured in the auction at the price of their highest final bid. All bidders agree to avoid any coordination or collusion with other bidders.

Good luck and aloha!

Additional Information
  • Model: 4 string tenor #1712
  • Size: Tenor
  • Body: Adirondack spruce top, Macassar ebony back and sides
  • Bracing: Top, Sitka spruce, 3 fan pattern. Back, Honduran mahogany
  • Binding: Ebony
  • Purfling: B/W/B
  • Neck: Spanish cedar (carbon fiber reinforced)
  • Side sound port: Upper bout
  • Side Arm Bevel: Ebony
  • Fret board: Ebony, bound
  • Bridge: Ebony
  • Inlay: "Mermaid": Scrimshaw on composite with recon stone, dyed woods,amboyna burl, and hand made composite materials
  • Rosette: Macassar ebony w/ wave inlay
  • Nut & saddle: Tusq
  • Tuners: Peghed
  • Strings: Low G tuning: MBU set--Fluorocarbons with flat wound basses
  • Finish: Glossy nitrocellulose lacquer
Options Includes a beautiful Ameritage case and an Oasis Humidifier. From the Accessories tab above you can add a pickup or other accessories at the time you are invoiced when you win the ukulele! Aloha!!
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Completed Auction

Bids: 2
Closing Price: $12,000.00
Winner: Daisy Music
Start Time: May 13, 2017 11:45:00 am
Close Time: May 17, 2017 4:30:00 pm

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