KoAlana Tenor with Package Options

KoAlana Tenor with Package Options

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This is a new entry-level line from KoAloha, the world renowned ukulele makers on our island. Even though KoAloha has used the KoAlana name in the past, this is an entirely new ukulele from them. It's made in Indonesia with laminate mahogany and it sounds better than just about everything we have played in its price range. 

Perhaps you don't want to take your KoAloha out and about but still want something with a similar tone. Or maybe you love their sound and just can't afford it right now. We have to live within our means and having better options in our budget is always a good thing. That's why KoAloha made this new line. They spent many months in Indonesia to design an ukulele line that would give both tone and stability in an affordable laminate instrument on which they could proudly put their name.

KoAloha has given us an affordable new instrument that we are proud to represent and we think you will appreciate the great value and musical quality. Take a listen as Corey gives a "raw" sound sample of this new model. We are dedicated to showing true tone so listen on headphones or monitors to best hear the sound of this model.

The tenor size is our most popular seller. It has the biggest sound and projection and the tension and scale length allow for more accurate intonation at the highest frets. This particular model is really impressive. It comes with a wound 3rd D'addario set we really like but can be strung low G as well. We just received a new all plain tenor Low G set from Southcoast so we thought we would give them a shot on this model.

Of course, just like every other ukulele, this will go through our extensive QC and setup work that we are known for. We guarantee your satisfaction and hope you have a chance to try this new instrument from KoAloha, it's truly a great sounding tenor!

Additional Information
  • 434mm tenor scale (distance from nut to saddle)
  • 14 frets to body
  • 19 frets total
  • 1-3/8 at nut 
  • Laminate mahogany body
  • Black binding with white purfling
  • Fret position marks at 5th,7th and 10th frets on neck and top of fingerboard
  • Rosewood fingerboard and bridge
  • Mahogany neck
  • Satin finish
  • Geared Grover tuners
  • D'addario Titanium strings with wound 3rd

Build Your Own Package!

You can customize your order in many ways. On this page you can add some popular accessories at an additional discount.

1. Choose a gig bag or case (not required but suggested)

2. Choose a book (if you want)

3. Add a clip-on tuner with discount

& Add an extra set of strings with discount

Put a note in the Special Instructions if you would like to let our setup or shipping department know anything. 

These options are not required. If you just buy the instrument you can still create a package from the cases and accessories on the site.

Contact us with questions. Aloha!

Brand KoAloha
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Follow up
Two additional thoughts as I get to know the imstrument. Compared to my baritone ukulele, the crown headstock seems to be a bit heavy. This is not a problem, just something to be aware of. Also, I restrung it with a high-g and think it sounds much better that way (as opposed to the low-g that I had requested). Great instrument.
Review by Jim / (Posted on 11/13/2016)
Terrific bargain for a great instrument.
I had heard great things about the set up these guys do and am not disappointed. I just received this ukulele. The frets are smooth, the action is terrific, and the sound is wonderful. This uke is a lot of fun to play. I needed a ukulele to take with me when I travel for business and this is perfect. The uke crazy hard shell case fits it perfectly and I don't have to be overly concerned about the ukulele having to sit in my truck when I can't bring it inside. Great instrument, great sound, great setup, great price. Thanks so much, guys.
Review by Jim / (Posted on 11/12/2016)

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