Ko'olau Aho - Fluorocarbon Strings (5 Options)

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Ko'olau Aho - Fluorocarbon Strings (5 Options)

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 This is a new offering exclusive from our store. These are high quality fluorocarbon strings at a great value and comes in 5 different variations.

The first option is all fluorocarbon high G. Next there are two topions with a wound C. The aluminum wound C version of this set is played by Thomas on the Pono during the two performances in this video and Corey plays it during the Happy Birthday. Plus around 14:40 in the video Thomas does a comparison of the set with 4 other sets from Ko'olau and Savarez nylon sets and a Worth fluorocarbon set. 

Next option is the flatwound C high G set. This string is a Thomastik Infeld .027 that we sell individually HERE. This string gives nice balanced tones and excellent sustain with smooth, squeakless sliding. This video shows the Aho set in a high G with the flatwound C string. 

Next we have the Low G options. We chose the Fremont soloist smoothwound polished .030. You can find the individual listing for this string HERE. This has been our favorite option for Low G. It is more expensive than most other options but also lasts much longer than other options we've tried. It has warmth and balance and is smooth and squekless as well. We sample this set here with the smoothwound low G and the plain fluorocarbon C. 

The final option is with both the smoothwound low G and the flatwound C. 

Fluorocarbon covers a broad family of compounds, including organics comprised of fluorine, chlorine and carbon, along with synthetics made from hydrocarbons It's extruded in a single strand similar to nylon monofilament. But because fluorocarbon's molecules are more tightly packed, the string is denser and noticeably heavier by size. It also differs from mono in visibility, stretch and durability.

Sensitivity—Fluorocarbon’s tightly packed molecules transmit more energy than monofilament, better telegraphing information

Toughness—Fluorocarbon is more abrasion resistant than standard nylon monofilament of the same diameter.

Diameter—Fluorocarbon is about the same diameter as nylon monofilament of the same break strength

Fluorocarbon is very stable because of the strength of the carbon–fluorine bond, one of the strongest in organic chemistry.  Its strength is a result of the electronegativity of fluorine imparting partial ionic character through partial charges on the carbon and fluorine atoms, which shorten and strengthen the bond through favorable covalent (molecular bond) interactions.

Fluoroalkanes are generally very inert and non-toxic. They are not ozone depleting as they contain no chlorine or bromine atoms, and indeed they are sometimes used as replacements for ozone-depleting chemicals.


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