Kanile'a Signature Model Super Tenor (Willie K. ST 5 Tru-R G #19668)

Kanile'a Signature Model Super Tenor (Willie K. ST 5 Tru-R G #19668)

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The Hawaiian-made tenor in the pictures AND video is "the one" now available! (If it says "In Stock").

If you ever get the chance to experience Willie K playing this model Kanile'a, take the opportunity to be truly blown away. Willie is an incredible, mind blowing musician, and so naturally his custom model is just as awesome.

"The remarkable musical career of Willie Kahaiali’i — known as Willie K — spans a range so broad it seems to reach from the deepest bass to the sweetest soprano. From traditional and contemporary Hawaiian to blues and rock, he’s done it all and done it well." Star Advertiser - Steven Mark

His signature Kanile'a model is equally impressive. Design features include

  • 5-string with high and low G
  • Sleek scoop cutaway for access to the highest frets
  • Smooth arm bevel for extra comfort
  • Custom rosette inlay of Hawaiian implement
  • Custom sand inlay fretmarkers and signature
  • Premium GORGEOUS curly koa
  • "Super" body size and 19" scale give super amazing tone!

Our sound samples are completely dry and we are dedicated to showing true tone. Use quality speakers or headphones for the most accurate listening. 

Kanile'a has long been known for their meticulous design and astounding tone. This is a prime example of what these Hawaiian builders are giving to the world. Kanile'a regularly has the nicest koa wood you will ever see. Beyond the beauty, though, is a fantastic instrument with an open voice and a strong projection. Extra attention is given to these high end models and you can hear it.

This style "super tenor" is something unique to Kanile'a. It's "super" because of the size of its body, but this one also has the longer 19" scale giving more resonance and sustain and intonating great all the way up the neck. It can boom, but is dynamically controllable. It's one of the best sounds you will find in the ukulele world.

With the Premium Kanile'a's every piece of koa is unique. This one is is quite the looker. Don't hesitate to add this gorgeous and rare tenor to your collection. We guarantee you'll love it!

Includes a hardshell case and humidifier!

Additional Information
  • Willie K. Signature Super Tenor
  • Super Tenor 5 string ukulele w/ 19" scale
  • Premium curly koa body
  • Black binding on the front of ukulele
  • Custom Inlay rosette
  • Ebony fretboard, bridge and head plate
  • Ebony arm bevel and scoop cutaway
  • Cobra slotted head stock
  • Stealth tuners
  • Hawaiian sand inlay and fretmarkers
  • UV Gloss finish body, UV SILK satin neck
  • Mahogany neck with reinforcement
  • Black Tusq nut and saddle
  • Aquila Corde strings
  • Wooden hardshell plush case 

This beautiful tenor ukulele comes with a deluxe wooden case.

Custom Options

We can install the MiSi with its rechargeable preamp or the new L.R. Baggs 5.0 ukulele pickup.

Extra Options

The Herco HE360 is the included humidifier. You can upgrade to the more expensive Oasis Ukulele Humidifier (OH-18 or OH-5+). This is a must if you live in a low humidity area (parts of California, Nevada, Arizona, etc.) or if you heat the air in your home. For more info see our Ukulele Care link at the bottom of the site.

If you want a different set of strings you can buy them at the strings section and just note that you want us to change them in the Special Instructions.

No extra charge for Low G just write "Low G" under Special Instructions.


Brand Kanile'a

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