Kanile’a Slothead Bevel Natural Koa Concert (KBSP-C, #15595)

Kanile’a Slothead Bevel Natural Koa Concert (KBSP-C, #15595)

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Pictures show the ukulele just now available!

This is a new model from Kanile'a and the first one we have gotten in the concert size. It has a beautiful rosewood scoop bevel cutaway allowing for easier access to the highest frets but with very little taken from the soundboard. It also features premium Hawaiian koa wood and a slotted headstock. For the concert size this uke has a huge warm tone we really love.

Video shows the same model. Our sound samples are recorded for true reference and have no alteration or enhancement. Use quality playback for the most accurate listening.

Kanile'a has long been known for their meticulous design and astounding tone. This is a prime example of what these Hawaiian builders are giving to the world. Beyond the beauty though is a fantastic instrument with an open voice and strong projection. 

Includes final setup - Canvas hardcase - Herco H360 humidifier!

Additional Information

* Premium koa body
* Rosewood fret board and bridge
* Paua abalone position dots
* South American mahogany neck
* Koa slotted headstock
* Rounded back
* Bridge pins
* Chrome geared Gotoh tuners
* Satin finish
* Aquila Corde strings
* Canvas hardcase
* Herco H360 humidifer


This ukulele comes with a canvas-covered hardcase.

Custom Options

We can install the MiSi with its rechargeable preamp or the new L.R. Baggs 5.0 ukulele pickup.

Extra Options

* One of the options for this ukulele is to trade out the Herco included humidifier (HE-360) for the more expensive Oasis Ukulele Humidifier (OH-18 or OH-5+) at a discount. This is required if you live in a low humidity area (e.g., parts of California, Nevada, Arizona, etc.) or an area with winter seasons, especially if you are heating the air in your home. For more info refer to the Ukulele Care link at the bottom of this page. If you think you need to humidify the instrument, then you also need a hard case for a humidifier to properly work, and you need to maintain the humidifier by refilling it as needed. 

* Put a note in the Special Instructions if you would like to let our setup or shipping department know anything (e.g., “Please setup low G” or "Change strings to xyz"). 

* Under the Accessories tab you can also customize this instrument by adding strap button(s) or your choice of pickup for plugging in. We recommend either the MiSi or the LR Baggs pickup for this ukulele.


Brand Kanile'a

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